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10/23/18 Murder Inc., A Saudi-US Rhapsody in Blood: CiviMail, Featured, World-Healing Judaism, Terrorism, Torture, War with Iran?, War and Civil Liberties
11/09/16 Heartbreak and beyond CiviMail, Climate policy, Community, Global Scorching, World-Healing Judaism, Environmental Justice, Globalization and Economic Justice, Justice & immigration, Justice and Gender, Torture, Community, Justice
10/05/11 Isaiah breaks into the official liturgy of Yom Kippur Civil Liberties & Human Rights, Globalization and Economic Justice, New Biblical Translations, Interreligious Relations, Jewish Renewal, Prophets, Yom Kippur, Spirituality of Justice, Torture
06/19/11 China Arrests Ex-Pres. Bush! Charges Him with War Crimes & Torture Iraq-US War, Torture, World Empire, Dissociated Press
04/28/09 Torturing the Image of God B'reshit, Yom Kippur, Torture, World Empire, War and Civil Liberties
11/26/08 MLK Day Litany of Ashes, Stones, & Flowers: Militarism, Racism, & Materialism Global Scorching, Environmental Justice, Globalization and Economic Justice, Fasting for Peace and Justice, Justice and Race, Seasons of American Sacred Time, Terrorism, Spirituality of Justice, Torture, World Empire, Earth, Justice, Peace
12/07/07 Shalom Ctr as Amicus in Torture case Civil Liberties & Human Rights, Yom Kippur, Torture, War and Civil Liberties
06/17/07 Psychosocial Causes for the Palestinian Factional War Israeli-Palestinian Collision, Torture
06/11/07 Fasting on Oct. 8 to challenge the culture of Violence Peace of Abraham, Hagar, & Sarah: Sacred Seasons, Fall 2006-07, Abrahamic Celebrations, Interreligious Relations, Fasting for Peace and Justice, Seasons of American Sacred Time, Terrorism, Spirituality of Justice, Torture
12/14/06 Rabbis for Human Rights Natl Conf: Turning Dark Despair into the light of Change Civil Liberties & Human Rights, Home Demolitions, Torture
10/30/06 Letter to Congressmembers: "A republic -- if we can keep it" Civil Liberties & Human Rights, Torture
10/30/06 CNSNews on Waskow Interview, Torture, & Military Commissions Law Civil Liberties & Human Rights, Torture
10/23/06 The Israeli approach to detainee rights Torture
10/17/06 The Torture of Jose Padilla, US citizen Civil Liberties & Human Rights, Torture
10/04/06 Canadian describes Torture at US/ Syrian hands Torture
05/21/06 April / May Actions against War & Global Scorching Global Scorching, Iraq-US War, Interreligious Relations, Torture
01/16/06 Nobel Prize address by Harold Pinter Iraq-US War, Torture, World Empire
11/05/05 Washington Post conceals sites of probable torture Torture
10/28/05 Join Fast Nov. 1: Oppose Torture of Hunger-Striking Prisoners at Guantanamo Torture
10/27/05 Why Torture is OK Torture
03/24/05 Afghan Detainee's Leg Was 'Pulpified,' Witness Says Torture
03/15/05 Torture: Bush's Appeals Court Nominee May Be 'DOA' Torture
03/13/05 Army Reports Torture & Killing of Prisoners in Afghanistan, 1 year before Abu Ghraib Torture
02/13/05 Ex-Detainee Says He Was Tortured Torture
02/04/05 A Letter to Arlen (Senator Specter) about Torture Blog, Torture
02/03/05 Gonzales Added to War Crimes Complaint in Germany Torture
02/02/05 Open Letter re: Gonzales cited on Senate floor today Torture
01/27/05 Rabbinic Letter on Torture Torture, War, Peace, & the Jewish Community
01/26/05 Should we have an Attorney General who supports torture? Blog, Torture
01/23/05 Atrocities in Plain Sight Torture
01/08/05 MD's broke Geneva Conventions, Says N. Engl. Journal of Medicine: Torture
01/05/05 Religious Organizations Challenge Gonzales Nomination Torture
01/02/05 Fresh Details on "Harsh Methods" at Guantanamo Torture
01/02/05 Fresh Details on "Harsh Methods" at Guantanamo Torture
01/02/05 Justice Dept Broadens Definition of Prohibited Torture Torture
12/28/04 Sen. Specter: Challenge Atty-Gen-Designate Who Approved Torture Torture
12/23/04 Should Our Attorney General Encourage Torture? Torture
12/23/04 The Question of Torture: Open letter to Alberto Gonzales Torture
12/15/04 Marines Tortured Prisoners before & after Abu Ghraib Torture
12/03/04 Justice Dept says Torture-based Evidence at Guantanamo is Legitimate Civil Liberties & Human Rights, Terrorism, Torture
12/01/04 Should US Atty-Gen torture God's Image? Torture
12/01/04 Red Cross Finds Torture in Guantanamo Prison Torture
11/18/04 Should the US Atty-Gen encourage torture? Blog, Torture
11/16/04 Should the Attorney General Encourage Torture? -- Background Torture
08/23/04 US Physicians Complicit with Torture at Abu Ghraib Torture
08/09/04 Thought Torture Stopped? Think Again!! Torture
08/06/04 Doctors and Torture Torture
06/17/04 Prison Tactics A Longtime Dilemma For Israel :Nation Faced Issues Similar to Abu Ghraib Israeli-Palestinian Collision, Torture
06/17/04 I Too Was Tortured Torture
06/17/04 Torture Policy Torture
06/14/04 Clergy of 4 Traditions Condemn Torture, Speaking on Arab TV Torture
06/08/04 Pentagon Got Lawyers to Okay Torture Torture
06/04/04 When Jews Faced Torture in South America Torture
06/03/04 American Jews Face the Issue of Torture (or Don't) Community, Torture, War, Peace, & the Jewish Community
06/02/04 The Painful Lesson Israel Learned About Torture Torture
05/24/04 Women Prisoners in Iraq Torture
05/19/04 Beyond Abu Ghraib: Cleansing the American Spirit Torture
05/19/04 Most Mainstream Jewish Groups Silent on Torture Torture
05/18/04 From Texas to Abu Ghraib: The Bush Legacy of Prisoner Abuse Torture
05/18/04 Did torture make America Blog, Torture
05/14/04 Prisoner Abuse, Torture, & Torah: Why It Matters Israeli-Palestinian Collision, Torture
05/09/04 Physical & Sexual Abuse of Prisoners "Routine" in US Torture
05/09/04 Soldier: Unit Was Ordered to Make Prison Hell Torture
05/09/04 Previous Red Cross Protests at Treatment of US Prisoners Torture
05/09/04 Simulated prison in '71 Showed "Normal People" becoming "Monsters" Torture
05/08/04 Reader Comments on "Did Torture Make America Tamei?" Blog, Torture
05/05/04 Abuse of Iraqi prisoners and the Stanford Prison Experiment parallels Torture
05/05/04 Torture At Abu Ghraib - How Far Up Does Responsibility Go? Torture
05/04/04 Iraq Torture Torture
05/04/04 Terminating Torture Torture
09/08/01 Gonzales Worse than Ashcroft Civil Liberties & Human Rights, Torture
09/08/01 Torture or Lesser Forms of Coercion to Obtain Information From Prisoners Torture, War, Peace, & the Jewish Community
09/08/01 Oil, Torture, & Uzbekistan Torture, Earth
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