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12/28/20 "Subversive Prayer": A J Heschel on His Yohrzeit AJ Heschel, CiviMail, World-Healing Judaism, Endangered Species , Festivals, Life-cycle, & Climate crisis
01/14/20 ** READ FIRST** Copyright information for Heschel passages AJ Heschel
03/22/18 The Prophet Martin: A New Haftarah AJ Heschel, CiviMail, World-Healing Judaism, Interreligious Relations, Prophets, The Nature of Torah, Spirituality of Justice
01/01/18 Susannah Heschel on Abraham Joshua Heschel Today AJ Heschel, CiviMail, Featured, Justice and Gender, Justice and Race, Spirituality of Justice, War, Peace, & the Jewish Community
01/15/17 MLK50.org: New Website for Year of Truth & Transformation AJ Heschel, CiviMail, Featured, Spirituality of Justice
12/28/16 Rabbi Heschel: "Let Fascism not serve as an alibi for our conscience." AJ Heschel, CiviMail, World-Healing Judaism, Peace
01/06/16 Learn for Doctorate in Jewish Spirituality AJ Heschel, Community, Featured, News, World-Healing Judaism, Nonviolence & Violence in Judaism, Seasons of American Sacred Time, New Poor, The Nature of Torah, Spirituality of Justice, Festivals, War, Peace, & the Jewish Community, Prayer, Peace
01/07/13 The Heschel-King Festival: Transcendence & Beyond AJ Heschel, World-Healing Judaism, Interreligious Relations, Community
12/25/12 Speak and Act as Prophets Did: Heschel & King in "Philadelphia Inquirer" AJ Heschel, World-Healing Judaism, Interreligious Relations, Spirituality of Justice
10/11/12 A Festival to Renew Prophetic Action: From Lincoln to King-&-Heschel to Us AJ Heschel, Interreligious Relations, Justice and Race
10/10/12 Spirit and Politics in Heschel (ed. by R. Arthur Waskow) AJ Heschel
10/10/12 My Legs Were Praying: Theology and Politics in Abraham Joshua Heschel (Article by R. Arthur Waskow) AJ Heschel
10/06/07 The Eclipse of Wonder: Abraham Joshua Heschel and Our Ecological Crisis B'reshit, AJ Heschel, Earth
01/05/07 Still the Voice of God Today: Abraham Joshua Heschel at 100: AJ Heschel
01/05/07 Heschel at 100: A Life in Search of Meaning: AJ Heschel
12/28/06 Heschel @ 100: 2007 his centenary AJ Heschel
04/26/06 Prophetic minister, Prophetic rabbi: Wm. Sloane Coffin & Abraham J. Heschel AJ Heschel, World Empire
01/05/06 A. J. Heschel: Love or Truth? -- By R. Burt Jacobson AJ Heschel, Jewish Renewal
12/28/04 Heschel Yohrzeit & Haftarah Shemot, AJ Heschel
12/01/04 Heschel's Yohrzeit: What would he do about the Iraq war? AJ Heschel, Iraq-US War
08/05/03 Abraham Joshua Heschel: A Children's Book by Or Rose AJ Heschel
09/08/01 Abraham Joshua Heschel: A Memoir AJ Heschel
09/08/01 Heschel's Theology: Organized Excerpts; R. Hershel Matt, ed. AJ Heschel
09/08/01 The Meaning of This War [World War II] AJ Heschel, Nonviolence & Violence in Judaism
09/08/01 The Reasons for My Involvement in the Peace Movement AJ Heschel
09/08/01 Two Prophets, One Soul: Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel AJ Heschel
09/08/01 A Prayer for Peace AJ Heschel
09/08/01 God and Society in Heschel and King (article by Susannah Heschel) AJ Heschel
09/08/01 Ten Days for Democracy AJ Heschel, Civil Liberties & Human Rights
09/08/01 Continuing Heschel in Our Lives: Prayer as Politics, Politics as Prayer (essay by R. Arthur Waskow) AJ Heschel
09/08/01 Holiness in Words: Contents and Study Guide by Edward Kaplan AJ Heschel
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