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09/08/01 Learning from Eden: "Do not gobble the Earth!" B'reshit, Global Scorching, Sexuality & Spirituality, Globalization and Economic Justice, Food
06/03/06 What Makes Food Sacred? A Study in Eight Dimensions Globalization and Economic Justice, Food, Interreligious Relations, Earth
03/01/07 Sacred Food, Sacred Festivals: The Jewish Year as a Celebration of Nourishment Environmental Justice, Festival Cycle, Food
05/22/07 The Song of Songs as a Sacred Recipe: Love, Charoset and the Liberation of the World Pesach, Covenanting: Marriage and Commitment, Food
06/22/07 Sacred Foods Secular Certification Food
06/22/07 Sacred Foods: Engaging the Congregation Food, Interreligious Relations
06/22/07 What Makes Food Sacred? Congregational Resources for the Abrahamic Traditions Food, Interreligious Relations
08/20/07 What Is Eco-Kosher? Food, Earth
09/16/07 Eco-Kashrut Has Everything to Do With the Healing of the Earth Food, Earth
07/02/08 Unkosher Meat, Unkosher Politics Food, Justice & immigration
07/04/08 From UnKosher Postville to a Decent Society Food, Justice & immigration, Earth
08/03/08 Flashes of Light from the unkosher dark of Postville, Iowa Civil Liberties & Human Rights, Environmental Justice, Globalization and Economic Justice, Food, Justice & immigration, Spirituality of Justice
08/07/08 Dark Meat: Postville from an Independent Orthodox Perspective Food, Justice & immigration
08/28/08 New Ways of Accessing Kosher Meat Environmental Justice, Food, Justice & immigration
08/28/08 Sacrificing a sacred Cow: The New Jewish Dietary Imperative Environmental Justice, Food
09/05/08 Meta-ethical questions in the Agriprocessors debate Food, Justice & immigration, Spirituality of Justice
09/06/08 Can Agriprocessors Do T'shuvah?" Environmental Justice, Food, Justice & immigration, Spirituality of Justice
01/15/11 “Is This Fit To Consume?” -- The Jewish Relationship to Ethical Food Food, Jewish Renewal
02/02/11 Egypt & America: From the Red Sea of Old to Tahrir Square Now Global Scorching, Pesach, Food, Spirituality of Justice, Egyptian Revolution
04/27/12 Nullifying Debt: Ancient Torah, Contemporary Crisis. Behar, Freeing Our Time, Global Scorching, Globalization and Economic Justice, Food
02/17/20 The Plagues of Exodus & Today Shemot, Va'era, Bo, CiviMail, Featured, Global Scorching, Pesach, Endangered Species , Festivals, Life-cycle, & Climate crisis, Food, Earth
12/23/20 Torah This Week: Sharecroppers to Pharaoh Behar, Bechukotay, CiviMail, Climate policy, Featured, World-Healing Judaism, Environmental Justice, Globalization and Economic Justice, Food, Vayyiggash, Spirituality of Justice
03/23/21 Passover Anew: Kindling Candles, Four More Questions, Facing New Plagues CiviMail, Featured, Pesach, World-Healing Judaism, Food, Community, Earth, Peace
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