Sustainable Sukkot: Harvest Wind & Sun, Not Carbon

In accord with <> ’s call for “Draw the Line “ actions, Mishkan Shalom congregation and The Shalom Center will co-sponsor a celebration of the Earth and a call for more vigorous action toward achieving and protecting a sustainable climate, in a celebration at Mishkan Shalom’s sukkah in the Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia from 3 to 5 pm on Sunday, Sept 22.  (Mishkan Shalom‘s address is 4101 Freeland Ave off Shurs Lane.)

That day comes during the harvest festival of Sukkot. Traditionally, Jews  during that festival celebrated and prayed on behalf of the abundance and prosperity of all the archetypal “70 nations” of the world.  So it seems especially appropriate to take action during Sukkot to protect the climate system that indeed serves the prosperity of all peoples and the web of all life-forms on our planet.

 The sukkah itself -- an open hut with a  leafy, leaky roof -- is intended to reinforce our sense of close connection betwen Humankind and Earth.
We intend to celebrate with the traditional waving of the lulav (palm branch) and etrog (citron), and also include  letter-writing directed to the President and other public officals — calling  for  rejection of the Tar Sands Pipeline. We will also  make the connection with the dangers of fracking and of all “extreme extractions”  -- connecting  Tar Gas, Fracking, Mountain Destruction (for coal), and Arctic oil drilling.
All those of all ethical, spiritual, and religious traditions who seek to heal the wounded Earth are welcome to take part.
We encouraage other congregations throughout America and the world to celebrate Sukkot with the same commitment.


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