Books by Rabbi Arthur Waskow, director of the Shalom Center


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Rabbis Arthur Ocean Waskow and Phyllis Ocean Berman (Jewish Lights)

Reb Arthur and Reb Phyllis reexamine this crucial epic journey through eyes alert to feminism, ecology, shamanic earth-connection and ritual, and the deep ecumenism underlying many great religious and spiritual traditions -- as well as the conventional concerns for social justice lifted up in new ways. The book also includes a chapter each by progressive Christian teachers, a woman Muslim scholar, and a Black thinker-activist and friend of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on how the Exodus appears in the Christian Gospels, in the Quran, and in Black American culture.

2. A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven: The Jewish Life-Spiral as a Spiritual Path

Rabbis Arthur Ocean Waskow and Phyllis Ocean Berman  (Farrar Straus Giroux)

Rabbis Waskow and Berman wrote this book on the Jewish life-spiral as a spiritual journey. The book is the first that integrates the newer ceremonies created during the last half-century (brit for baby girls, weaning, bat mitzvah, menarche and menopause, egalitarian and gay weddings, mid-life transformation and retirement) into the whole life-path of Jewish ceremony, expanding on and renewing the classic and ancient ceremonies.

3. Godwrestling -- Round 2: Ancient Wisdom, Future Paths

Rabbi Arthur Waskow (Jewish Lights Publishing)  L

Reb Arthur looks at the changing faces of Torah as communities today wrestle and dance with it. It includes midrashic responses to the brother/ sister struggle stories in the Book of Genesis in the light of our own lives and Reb Arthur's life-experience , a theology of human and Jewish history and of why the movement for Jewish renewal has appeared at this historical moment, and it addresses the nature and future of the State of Israel, the meaning of the Holocaust, applying the Jubilee in high-tech society, understanding and dealing with the present planetary crisis, prayer forms that emerge from new ways of connecting with God, and other crucial tikkun-olam concerns. The book is built around the notion of spirals in time, including midrash as a spiral of going back to ancient texts in order to go forward, and the spiral of Reb Arthur's drawing on his original Godwrestling book, published in 1978.



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