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 Our Share Sukkot: Green and Grow the Vote campaign is focused on getting people of conscience to vote with economic, racial and environmental justice in mind on November 3, 2020. Because of the pandemic, our efforts include advocating for local communities to outline a voting plan and make it as accessible as possible.

While The Shalom Center is a non-partisan organization, we advocate with elected leaders for the needs of all people, and we encourage community members to assure the common good by voting. As Rabbi Arthur has written, “The Eleventh Plague, the Coronavirus, has taught us this: Elections this November will make a strong impact—on the very health and bodily life of practically all Americans, both as individuals and as a whole society; on the future of American democracy, or whether we become a plutocracy, ruled by those with hyper- wealth, with a flavor of rancid racism poisoning the stew; and on whether we can renew the life-forms of our Mother Earth or we all suffer from fire, flood, and famine.”

Share Sukkot

This fall, Americans will hold an extraordinary election –- addressing profound questions of health and life in the midst of a pandemic plague, democracy in the midst of hyper-wealthy pharaohs, and survival of a million species (including our own) in the midst of global scorching.

Invite others into your sukka this Sukkot to discuss the topics of most importance during this election cycle, especially issues around racial, environmental and economic justice. This Share Sukkot—Green and Grow the Vote packet includes:

  • A Sukkot Seder complete with blessings, rituals, songs and a special Green and Grow the Vote section with text and teachings for reflection and discussion HERE. For a special slide presentation created especially for virtual Sukkot celebrations including a video welcome by Rabbi Arthur Waskow and performances of music by Rabbi Randy Fleisher, click HERE.

  • Ushpizin Posters heralding heroes who dedicated their lives to making voting universal. These ushpizin posters have been brilliantly designed and written by Arlene Goldbard, president of The Shalom Center. Click to download them, print on your own poster-paper, and, if you like, laminate them to hang up in your sukkah. The links to these posters is below. 

  • We ask you to consider a contribution to The Shalom Center for the Share Sukkot package and Ushpizin posters of at least $18 for any one of them, or at least $72 for as many as you like of all eight. You can contribute by clicking on

  • Voting Plan Resources that offer ways to create a plan to help you organize your community to both grow and green the vote during the pandemic. Click HERE


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Ushpizin Posters
These ushpizin posters have been brilliantly designed and written by Arlene Goldbard, President Emerita of The Shalom Center.
When you click to see them, you can download them, print on your own poster-paper, and, if you like, laminate them to hang up in your sukkah.

1. James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner (JPG)

2. Heather Booth (JPG)

3. Charles McDew, Fannie Lou Hamer, Bob Moses (JPG)

4. Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (PDF)

5. Roy Wilkins, A. Philip Randolph, Arnold Aronson (PDF)

6. Ruth Bader Ginsburg (PDF)

7. Ida B. Wells, Rosika Schwimmer (JPG)

 8. John Lewis 

1-3. Ushpizin Posters 1-3 above (PDF)

1-5. Ushpizin Posters 1-5 above (PDF)

1-7. Ushpizin Posters 1-7 above (PDF)

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