Where was your money last night?

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Is your personal money in checking and savings accounts in some Super-Bank?  -- like the Bank of America, with its sleazy practice of foreclosures, or the PNC Bank, with its destructive investments in mining companies that are destroying the mountains of West Virginia in order to rip more coal from the innards of Mother Earth and to shatter the age-old climate patterns that have nourished human civilization?

It would make a great difference to shift your own money to your local credit union or community-based bank. And safer, too.  (Compare the two-billion-dollars-and-counting losses of voracious, disastrous JPMorgan Chase.)

And how can we shift our tax money from paying Suicidal Subsidies to Big Oil -- suicidal subsidies that help Big Oil destroy ourselves and our Earth?

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has introduced a bill to do this. It's called the End Polluter Welfare Act. To sign up to support it, please click here: