What's an Iftar-Seder, on Zoom?

Iftar Seder 2022 flyer

This year, the sacred Muslim "moonth" of Ramadan and the Jewish "first of moonths," Nisan, in which is Passover/ Pesach, are the same lunar moonth — not often possible. So a group of Muslim, Jewish, and multireligious organizations have come together to hold (on Zoom, and recorded) a FREE gathering that brings together the special evening meals of both traditions. 

At 7:30 pm EASTERN time on Sunday evening April 10, in your own home, mosque, synagogue, or picnic table you can assemble the foods, from dates that begin Iftar to matzah that expresses in the Seder what Dr. Martin Luther King called "the fierce urgency of Now." There will be discussions of some "fiercely urgent" public issues and some gently inward personal spiritual growth, with sharing from the wise of both traditions and from yourselves. Taking part is FREE, but we do need you to register at 


After you register, you will receive the link for the Iftar-Seder and a copy of its "Telling of Our Future Together." If you know that date or time is impossible for you, by registering you wiil gain access to the recording. 

Even before, let yourself contemplate this art-work by Jacob Bender  the spiritual power of both traditions glowing within the oppressive deadly power of the pyramids  ready to burst forth in transformation.

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