Webinar From Grief to Healing Action: Tisha B'Av for Temple Earth

When we learn that a beloved friend has been diagnosed with a dangerous illness, first we grieve. And then – quickly – we move to pursue a healing. 

 Earth can’t breathe. Pock marks of dread danger are bursting out all over. Wildfires. Heat domes. Glaciers vanishing that gave drinking water to whole countries. Droughts and famines.  Flooded subways. Melted power lines. Dead coral reefs, acidified oceans. Roads washed away by huge rainstorms.

Time to act, time to start the healing. Time to demand behavior befitting a planetary emergency.

 From a grieving Tisha B’Av to a time of healing action.

What to do? 

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From 7:30 to 9 pm on Sunday, July 18, a Webinar on “what to do.” A moment of wailing a new Lament by Rabbi Sue Morningstar. Rabbi Dan Swartz of COEJL on the deep meaning of Tisha B'Av and a vision of the healing process, Immediate next steps to convince Congress, explained by Rev. Mitchell C. Hescox, president of the Evangelical Environmental Network, and by Dahlia Rockowitz, Washington rep for Dayenu, the new Jewish climate-crisis organization. Time to ask questions.

A report by Mirele Goldsmith of a Jewish expedition to join Native Americans in stopping Line 3, the newest Poison Pipeline. Rabbi  Arthur Waskow on why the Jewish festivals matter, to heal Earth.A song of communaal commitment . 

This summer will be crucial on Capitol Hill. Will major action to move from burning fossil fuels to renewable energy be included in the “infrastructure” bill, or will we just build highways for tourism to see a dying planet – highways that melt and buckle in the heat?

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“Shalom” must be a verb, not merely a goodbye – Arthur


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