URGENT! --Take yr Congresspeople SOAP ETC FOR CAGED KIDS!

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SOAP ETC FOR CAGED KIDS. -- Take your Senators & Representative (at home-office this week, afterward send to DC) soap, toothbrush, & toothpaste for them to take IN PERSON to children caged by Trump regime. Go to your Congresspersons (regardless of party), in groups with each person taking a small packet of crucial supplies, & insist our elected Senatirs and House Members go to prisons & give the supplies to the kids directly. Some groups might insist, stay & risk arrest till promised; others not. Call your local media to come along. Prison “guards” won’t let in regular Americans --  Members of Congress they will have to (or the pressure builds up).  SHARE! TWEET!– @RabbiArthur Waskow



Wed, 2019/07/31 - 5:00pm

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