Shemot - the names and the book

Rabbi Arthur Waskow

Shemot - The names and the book
By Rabbi Arthur Waskow
Though "Shemot" or "Shmos", the Book of Names, does begin with a list of names from which all the women have been excluded, it moves onward to give the names -- indeed, first names we hear of anyone in Egypt -- Shifrah & Puah, the two midwives who defy Pharaoh's order to kill boy babies (so it is clear they are not concerned with girls alone) in the first recorded act of nobviolent civil disobedience.

Leaving Idols, Mothering Moses

Rabbi Michael Graetz
Dear Chevra, Rabbi Michael Graetz teaches at Mercaz Shiluv, an Educational Center in Beer Sheva that operates in cooperation with the Masorti (Conservative) Movement in Israel. This commentary on the Torah's story about Pharaoh's daughter's act of civil disobedience especially interested me. Rabbi Graetz writes: "Shalom to all my colleagues. Please feel free to use what I send, in sermons etc. My only request is that if you print it anywhere that you cite me as the source." — Shalom, Arthur.

Leaving Idols, Mothering Moses

By Rabbi Michael Graetz


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