Video: Reb Arthur speaks at Vigil on Iran 2015

 In this video, Reb Arthur Waskow speaks to the people participating in an action asking Senator Casey (PA) to sign the Iran nuclear deal under consideration; the action took place Aug 26, 2015 in Philadelphia, PA at the offices of Senator Casey. Reb Arthur also spoke with Senatorial staff lobbying them to support the deal on behalf of world peace and of preventing Iran from achieving a nuclaear arsenal.  With the protesters, Reb Arthur wove midrash on midrash on Torah wth an understanding of world politics. Watch his talk by clicking on ""Read more." (8 minutes). Senator Casey did endorse the agreement with Iran, and it won enough votes in the Senate to prevent passage of a resolution opposing it.

VIDEO: Reb Arthur's "We can change America" speech at his high school alma mater

Click on this title to see the video of what Reb Arthur calls the best speech of his life, only six minutes long: to the student body  of his high school alma mater, "Baltimore City College" (the third oldest public high school in the US) in fall 2011, upon receiving a distinguished alumnus award. (He was graduated in 1950.)  During the talk, he tells a story of the challenge to what, looking back, was his first attempt at "prophetic" leadership --  and encourages the current student body's prophetic leadership today, into tomorrow.


Transformative Judaism

Our world is in deep crisis, a planetary earthquake. Old stabilities -- economic, political, ecological, sexual, familial --  are shaking beneath our feet and in our bellies. What can Judaism do to create from this crisis a planetary community, rather than a global disaster?  What shape would a "transformative Judaism" have to take -- concerned not only with renewing the Jewish people but also with healing the world?   Rabbi Arthur Waskow provides a fascinating glimpse into the heart of these questions and appeals for new thought as well as new action. For an even fuller exploration of "transformative Judaism," click to his essay here.  Add your own comments after his essay!

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