Beyond the Yassin Assassination

Rabbi Arthur Waskow 3/23/2004

Dear friends,

Tuesday morning, when I sent out the collection of critical responses to the assassination of Sheikh Yassin, I had no time to write what my own views are.

I wanted to make sure that as soon as possible, people who are very likely to have heard expressions of strong support for the assassination also hear that there are well-reasoned and well-felt objections to it.

Mercury & Babies Today, Midwives Long Ago

Rabbi Arthur Waskow 2/27/2004

The Bush Administration has proposed new mercury emission standards that will invite industry to pour much more mercury, a known brain-damaging poison especially dangerous to fetuses and children, into our air and water. This past week, the Environmental Protection Agency held hearings about these proposals — in a grand total of three cities in all America. One was Philadelphia. This was my testimony, on behalf of The Shalom Center: —

Half my life ago ---

Rabbi Arthur Waskow 9/26/2003

At this moment, Erev Erev Rosh Hashanah, just two weeks before my 70th birthday, I am seeing two moments bright before me:

One is exactly half my life ago, when I first was drawn to take Judaism seriously.

The other is right now.

Paperback time for a Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven

Rabbi Arthur Waskow 9/2/2003

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I got in the mail the paperback edition of the book Phyllis Berman (my beloved partner) and I wrote on the Jewish life-spiral as a practical spiritual journey — A TIME FOR EVERY PURPOSE UNDER HEAVEN. The hardback was published a year ago by Farrar Straus & Giroux. The paperback costs only $13.

Writing it together with Phyllis was one of the most pleasurable experiences of my life, and I think the book communicates the focus, the fervor, and the love that created it.


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