Through Grief to Joy: Healing Photos on Your Zooms

The next few weeks of Jewish life traditionally include the saddest and most joyful days of the year. A Philadelphia artist and spiritual adept, Anael Joblin, has offered to enhance the joy by providing joyful photographic “Zoom backgrounds “ in exchange for gifts  to The Shalom Center.

This photo is a smaller example of the work she does that you can receive as much larger “Zoom backgrounds.” This one captures the energetics of color and healing potential of dancing water! More about her gifts below.

We have just entered the period of grieving in the Jewish spiral of holy days – the Three Weeks before Tisha B’Av (observed on Sunday, August 6-7, because the actual ninth day of Av falls on Shabbat). They commemorate the weeks in 586 BCE when the imperial Babylonian Army besieged Jerusalem and triumphantly ended the siege on the ninth day of the midsummer month of Av by burning the Holy Temple at the heart of the city.

In recent years The Shalom Center has encouraged adding grief for the suffering of Temple Earth, the shared and sacred home not only of humanity but all the interbreathing web of life that nurtures us. This year we have experienced not only wildfires but waves of intense heat in Europe and North America that are killing people and shattering wildlife. Temple Earth continues burning, overheated by the burning of fossil fuels and the heat-trapping effects of CO2 and methane gas.

In the next few days, I will write more about the reframing and renewal of Tisha B’Av, about recovering the wisdom that the Temple in Jerusalem was always a microcosm of the macrocosmic Temple Earth – a microcosm where minerals (salt), vegetation (sheaves of grain), animal life (sheep, goats, doves), and human song (the psalms) were “brought near” to the One Breath of Life.

Unexpectedly, past Tisha B’Av we move toward the Full Moon of Av (Aug 11-12), which the Mishna compilation of early-rabbinic practice calls one of the most joyful days of the year.

Why? Because after the Temple had been rebuilt, 70 years after its burning, each year just six days after the burning had been re-membered through fasting and chants of lamentation, came Av’s Full Moon. The unmarried women of ancient Israel went out in the fields dressed all in white to choose their husbands. The people celebrated the spiritual height of erotic love – the fiery passion that is the very opposite of death and burning.

And our Sister Anael is offering her photos, brimming with the joy of Earth renewed in bursts of love.

The Full Moon is the 15th of the moonth – Yod-Hei in Jewish numerology, the very name of Yah, the Breath of Life. In all Four Worlds -- Physicality, Emotion, Intellect, and Spirit – we welcome Yah as present in full life. 4x15=60.

Anael writes:

 “So a donation of $60 (4x15) will bring you my thanks in 4 "energetic healing" photographs that make marvelous Zoom backgrounds and can help lift spirits and the Spirit. A donation of $144 will bring thanks of 12 photos.

“I believe that this energetic exchange will benefit each of us. Even please the neshama of my sister of blessed memory, Sherrie Harrison Waters, who took some of the photos.

“Some of you have sampled the pics on my zoom background and undoubtedly resonate with some more than others. I’ll be in touch after you donate, and you can choose. 

“Wouldn't it be amazing to have many of our Zoom backgrounds alive with color and the healing essence of the flower or subject of the pictures you choose?   This actually occurred in a small Zoom group I lead weekly.  And now we continue to enliven the Zoom screen with colorful happy background pictures.   It raised the vibrations of our ‘Zoomiverse.’ .

“Shalom with love, Anael Atara

Dear friends, To make this donation of $60 (in thanks for which you will receive 4 photo-backgrounds) or $144 (in thanks for which you will receive 12)  please click here any time from now till 5 pm on the day just before Y”H B’Av – Thursday, August 12:

We recommend giving now. As you give your gift, say the blessing “Blessed be You, Breathing Spirit of the World, Creative Energy, Who redeems sorrow into joy through the gift of healing.”

And whenever you give, remember to celebrate Thursday evening August 12 and Friday Aug 13 as Y”H B’Av (also known as Tu B’Av) in your own joyful way. Many many thanks! -- Arthur




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