&th+ "Freedom Seder Revisited" At Natl Mus Am Jewish History

Every year for six years, the National Museum of American Jewish History has in the week or so before Passover held a “Freedom Seder Revisited.”

Last year, the Museum instead co-sponsored with The Shalom Center the “Freedom Seder + 50,” as we celebrated with Rev. William Barber, Rev. Liz Theoharis, Imam Abdul Halim Hassan, Ana Maria Archila, a dozen other transformative speakers, and 400 committed people the 50th anniversary of the very first Freedom Seder, which I wrote in the aftermath of Dr. Martin Luther King’s death.

This year, once again, the Museum is asking some speakers and hundreds of participants to answer for ourselves the question: “What does freedom mean to me -- this year?”

 Every year I was, and again this March 26 I will be, one of those who answered the question. Others in various years have been an undocumented Asian refugee, passionate poets from the Latinx, the African-American, the Palestinian-American communities.

 And you haven’t fully savored Passover till you’ve heard Avodim Hayyinu (“Slaves We Were; Now We’re Free!”) being played by a Klezmer band.  Please join us!  Shalom and good yontif, Arthur

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