Recipe for a Good Story

A good story:

    Is personal— about me/my family.

    Is specific, does not talk in abstractions about feelings or "the system."

    Inspires/makes the listener care

    Storyteller faces a challenge: may be loss or pain or disappointment

    May have "bad guys": people or institutions who are obstacles, who don't care, who are cause of the problem

    The storyteller has taken up the challenge, possibly won. Has hope

    The listener can connect to the story

  • Paints a picture: uses images and scenes
  • Has shared values
  • Has shared experiences
  • Invites the listener to do something, to act in order to make changes
  • Makes an ask (or a demand) of people or institutions who are obstacles or cause of problem
  • Is brief & well organized (2 minutes max!)

 - Philadelphia Storytelling Project  6.1.12