In late October, The Shalom Center began organizing a Rabbinic Statement to respond to the crisis in North Dakota over a dangerous oil pipe-line and the efforts of several Native Nations to stop it. By the morning of November 28, more than 300 Rabbis and about 80 other Jewish spiritual leaders had signed the statement.

Why did we decide to do this? Because Torah speaks to the crucial importance of protecting the Earth and seeking eco-social justice. And -- even more urgently  -- life and death are now  at stake, as prayerful Native gatherings are violently attacked. You can see this clearly in these two photos -- one of the peaceful, prayerful march of the Water-Protectors; the other, of the police response.




Meanwhile, a Jewish protest against a Philadelphia bank that has invested in the Dakota Oil Pipe Line resulted Wednesday in nine arrests. About fifteen rabbis and rabbinical students, with sixty other Jewish activists, held a "Water is Life" ceremony at the bank to celebrate the New Moon  that began the month of Cheshvan. The protest forced the bank to close its doors, after nine protesters had been able to get inside and then were arrested. (See photo.)


And one Rabbi, Linda Holtzman of Philadelphia, has been arrested at Standing Rock, North Dakota, as part of a multireligious demonstration of support for the Native Water-Protectors. 


Why is this happening? The Torah in many ways embodies the spiritual experience of an indigenous people ---  shepherds and farmers in the ancient Land of Israel -- with a sense that the Earth itself is sacred. So it is no surprise that today, in the midst of a global crisis endangering the Earth, some Jews respond with special caring to an indigenous People -- the Native American Nations -- who are struggling to protect our Earth, our water, against rapacious Corporate Carbon Pharaohs that are bringing modern plagues upon the Earth.

If you are a Rabbi, Cantor, Rabbinic Pastor, Chaplain, Kohenet, or Rabbinic or Cantorial student, Jewish musician, artist, writer, professor, or other form of spiritual leader and wish to join in signing the Rabbinic  Statement, you can click to




 We are living in the midst of a profound spiritual crisis in American society, expressed in the current election campaign and in many other forms as well.

 One of the most poignant is the nonviolent protest in North Dakota, led by people of the First Nations, against the imposition of the oil-bearing Dakota Access Pipeline upon the sacred ancestral lands of the Sioux Nation. The pipeline is desecrating their graves, threatening to poison the water of the Missouri River, and endangering the entire web of life of Mother Earth by increasing the burning of fossil fuels.

 Already hundreds of representatives from many of the First Nations living in the United States, gathered for the first time in history beyond all previous divisions and alliances, together with growing numbers of other Americans and of indigenous peoples from other countries, have gathered to face this onslaught with prayerful nonviolent resistance. 

 Yet as they pray, police with rifles loaded and lifted threaten to use deadly force to impose this destructive pipeline on the region, on the nation, and on the Earth.

As spiritual leaders and teachers of the Jewish people, we affirm Torah’s commitment to protect the Earth from which the human race was born (Gen 2: 7) and which we are commanded to allow to rest in rhythmic celebration of the Creator (Lev. 25: 1-12, 23).

Indeed, Torah adds that if we block this rhythmic rest, the exhausted earth will erupt against us (Lev 26:  34-35, 43). These commands and warnings were rooted in our ancestors’ deep experience of the sacred unity of all life; they are confirmed by scientists today.

And already in higher rates of asthma and cancer where coal, oil, and fracked unnatural gas are extracted, refined, and burned; in unprecedented floods and droughts and superstorms all around the planet – we are seeing these ancient prophecies and modern scientific predictions come to life.

On April 4, 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel stood together in Riverside Church in New York City. Dr. King spoke out not only against the Vietnam War but even more deeply against what he called the deadly triplets afflicting America --  racism, militarism, and materialism.  And he called for a commitment to nonviolent activism to bring about a “revolution in values” for America.

In the Dakota confrontation, all three of those triplets have borne monstrous offspring in one clarifying moment:

Corporate greed has in this case taken the “materialism” triplet to its extreme; the armed police have brought militarism home; the trampling on Native rights and needs echoes the earliest racism of our past.

For all these reasons, we urgently call on President Obama as Commander-in-Chief of the Army Corps of Engineers to firmly and clearly prohibit the Dakota Access Pipeline from encroaching on the Missouri River, and we urge all state and federal agencies to affirm and respect the role of the Native communities in defending the weave of life upon the continent we know as North America, and they have for centuries called Turtle Island.

And we call on Jewish communities and their leaders throughout our country to speak out in congregations and publicly, to gather in prayerful vigils in our own communities, and to assist the Lakota protest as it moves into a stern Dakota winter by sending money to buy clothing, food, and other supplies for a lengthy steadfast stay.  Please send your gifts by clicking here: < http://www.ocetisakowincamp.org/>

We encourage our communities to call North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple at 701-328-2200 to leave a message stating your opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline; to call the White House at (202) 456-1111 or (202) 456-1414 to tell President Obama to rescind the Army Corps of Engineers’ permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline.; and to call the Army Corps of Engineers (202) 761-5903 -- and demand that they rescind the permit.

In his Riverside speech, Dr. King lifted up “the fierce urgency  of Now.” And in our lives today, facing both a spiritual crisis in America and a world-wide spiritual crisis in the relationship between adam and adamah, humanity and Earth, the urgency of Now is far more fierce.

Initiating Signers [All affiliations are noted for identification only; all signers are signing as individuals]: 

Rabbi Ellen Bernstein  (Founder, Shomrei Adamah)

Rabbi Denise L. Eger (President, Central Conference of American Rabbis)

Rabbi Everett Gendler (Emeritus, Phillips Academy, Andover)

 Rabbi Arthur Green (Rector, Rabbinical School of Hebrew College)

Rabbi Yitz Greenberg (Founder & President Emeritus, CLAL)

Rabbi Jill Hammer (Co-founder, Kohenet)

Rabbi Jill Jacobs (Executive Director, T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights)

Rabbi Raachel Jurovics (President, Ohalah: Rabbinic Association for Jewish Renewal)

Rabbi Peter Knobel  (Past President , Central Conference of American Rabbis)

 Rabbi Mordechai Liebling (Director, Social Justice Organizing Program, ,Reconstructionist Rabbinical College)

Rabbi Ellen Lippmann (Kolot Chayeinu, Brooklyn)

Rabbi Julie Schonfeld (Executive Vice President , Rabbinical Assembly)

Rabbi Lawrence Troster (Kesher Israel Congregation, West Chester, PA)

Rabbi Arthur Waskow (Director, The Shalom Center) Rabbi Deborah Waxman (President, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College)

Rabbi Elyse Wechterman (Executive Director, Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association)

Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz  (President & Dean of Valley Beit Midrash)

As of the morning of November 28,  381 more signers have joined these 17 Initiating Signers, and the numbers are growing.


If you are a Rabbi, Cantor, Rabbinic Pastor, Chaplain, Kohenet, or Rabbinic or Cantorial student, Jewish musician, artist, writer, professor, or other form of spiritual leader and wish to join in signing the Rabbinic  Statement, you can click to



 The names of the additonal 291 Rabbis and 42 other spiritual leaders of the Jewish people  ae signed below  -- click on "Read more" to see them.

Rabbi Rachel Ackerman- Washington, DC
Rabbi Alison Adler- Beverly, MA
Rabbi Adina Allen- Berkeley, CA
Rabbi Katy Allen- Wayland, MA
Rabbi Alana Alpert- Detroit, MI
Rabbi Nelly Altenburger- Danbury, CT
Rabbi Tsurah August- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Guy Austrian- New York, NY
Rabbi Ethan Bair- Reno, NV
Rabbi Justus Baird- New York, NY
Rabbi Rachel Barenblat- Williamstown, MA
Rabbi Benjamin Barnett- Corvallis, OR
Rabbi David Basior- Seattle, WA
Rabbi Eliot Baskin- Greenwood Vlg, CO
Rabbi Micah Becker-Klein- Hockessin, DE
Rabbi Lisa Bellows- Glenview, IL
Rabbi Marci Bellows- Chester, CT
Rabbi James Bennett- Saint Louis, MO
Rabbi Philip Bentley- Hendersonville, NC
Rabbi Arlene Berger- Rockville, MD
Rabbi Joseph Berman- Silver Spring, MD
Rabbi Marjorie Berman- Clarks Summit, PA
Rabbi Phyllis Berman- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Leila Gal Berner- Rockville, MD
Rabbi Shmuel Birnham- Vancouver, BC
Rabbi Marc S Blumenthal- Long Beach, CA
Rabbi Rena Blumenthal- New Paltz, NY
Rabbi Neil Blumofe- Austin, TX
Rabbi Elizabeth Bolton- ON, Canada
Rabbi Stephen Booth-Nadav- Denver, CO
Rabbi Anne Brener- Los Angeles, CA
Rabbi Caryn Broitman- Vineyard Haven, MA
Rabbi Daniel Bronstein- Brooklyn, NY
Rabbi Deborah Bronstein- Boulder, CO
Rabbi Samuel Broude- Oakland, CA
Rabbi Sharon Brous- Los Angeles, CA
Rabbi Rachel Brown- Greensboro, NC
Rabbi Simcha Daniel Burstyn- Kibbutz Lotan, Israel
Rabbi Meredith Cahn- Petaluma, CA
Rabbi Nina Cardin- Baltimore, MD
Rabbi Kerry Chaplin- Brooklyn, NY
Rabbi Paul Citrin- Albuquerque, NM
Rabbi Ayelet Cohen- New York, NY
Rabbi Debrah Cohen- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Howard Cohen- Bennington, VT
Rabbi Tamara Cohen- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Shahar Colt- Watertown, CT
Rabbi Mike Comins- Los Angeles, CA
Rabbi Shoshanah Conover- Chicago, IL
Rabbi Mychal Copeland- Mountain view, CA
Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D.- Patagonia., AZ
Rabbi Rachel Cowan- New York, NY
Rabbi Meryl Crean- Glenside, PA
Rabbi Robin Damsky- Melrose Park, IL
Rabbi Julie Danan- Pleasantville, NY
Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz- Millburn, NJ
Rabbi Getzel Davis- Cambridge, MA
Rabbi Shoshanah Devorah- Ukiah, CA
Rabbi Robert Dobrusin- Ann Arbor, MI
Rabbi Judith Edelstein- New York, NY
Rabbi Laurence Edwards- Chicago, IL
Rabbi Amy Eilberg- Los Altos, CA
Rabbi Mark Elber- Fall River, MA
Rabbi Susan Elkodsi- Trumbull, CT
Rabbi Diane Elliot- El Sobrante, CA
Rabbi Barat Ellman- Brooklyn, NY
Rabbi Sue Levi Elwell- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Andrew Ettin- Pfafftown, NC
Rabbi David Fainsilber- Morrisville, VT
Rabbi Ted Falcon- Seattle, WA
Rabbi Susan Falk- Princeton, NJ
Rabbi Charles Familant- Menlo Park, CA
Rabbi Charles Feinberg- Washington, DC
Rabbi Fern Feldman- Santa Cruz, CA
Rabbi Daniel Fellman- Syracuse, NY
Rabbi Brian Fink- New York, NY
Rabbi Tirzah Firestone- Boulder, CO
Rabbi Adam Fisher- Port Jefferson Station, NY
Rabbi Nancy Flam- Northampton, MA
Rabbi Ari Lev Fornari- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Dayle Friedman- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Stacy Friedman- San Rafael, CA
Rabbi Pamela Frydman- Beverly Hills, CA
Rabbi Gordon Fuller- Columbia, MD
Rabbi Jack Gabriel- Fort Collins, CO
Rabbi Rachel Gartner- Washington, DC
Rabbi Ruth Gelfarb- Boulder, CO
Rabbi Laura Geller- Los Angelels, CA
Rabbi Elihu Gevirtz- Santa Barbara, CA
Rabbi Elliot Ginsburg- Ann Arbor, MI
Rabbi Gordon Gladstone, D.D.- Springfield, NJ
Rabbi Ilan Glazer- Memphis, TN
Rabbi Bob Gluck- Albany, NY
Rabbi Shefa Gold- Jemez Springs, NM
Rabbi Aviva Goldberg- Toronto, ON
Rabbi Elisa Goldberg- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Dan Goldblatt- Danville, CA
Rabbi Rachel Goldenberg- Forest Hills, NY
Rabbi Yosef Goldman- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Andrea Goldstein- Saint Louis, MO
Rabbi Justin Goldstein- Asheville, NC
Rabbi Lisa Goldstein- New York, NY
Rabbi Meir Goldstein- Burlington, NC
Rabbi Seth Goldstein- Olympia, WA
Rabbi Daniel Goodman- Bronx, NY
Rabbi Maralee Gordon- Woodstock, IL
Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb- Berkeley, CA
Rabbi mel Gottlieb- los angeles, CA
Rabbi Sarah Grafstein- Scottsdale, AZ
Rabbi Rachel Grant Meyer- Brooklyn, NY
Rabbi Julie Greenberg- Phila, PA
Rabbi David Greenstein- Montclair, NJ
Rabbi Tamar Grimm- Mendota Heights, MN
Rabbi Rebekah Gronowski- Edinburgh, ELN United Kingdom
Rabbi Nadya Gross- Erie, CO
Rabbi Victor Gross- Erie, CO
Rabbi Andrew Hahn- High Falls, NY
Rabbi Laurie Hahn Tapper- Redwood City, CA
Rabbi Kevin Hale- Leeds, MA
Rabbi Edwin Harris- Playa Vista, CA
Rabbi Rachel Hertzman- Montclair, NJ
Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann- Chicago, IL
Rabbi Jay Heyman- Seattle, WA
Rabbi Erin Hirsh- Glenside, PA
Rabbi Cynthia Hoffman- Fremont, CA
Rabbi Heidi Hoover- Brooklyn, NY
Rabbi Mark Hurvitz- New York, NY
Rabbi Naomi Hyman- Easton, MD
Rabbi T'mimah Ickovits- Santa Monica, CA
Rabbi Shaya Isenberg- Gainesville, FL
Rabbi Margie Jacobs- Berkeley, CA
Rabbi Josh Jacobs-Velde- Sebastopol, CA
Rabbi Burt Jacobson- El Sobrante, CA
Rabbi Marisa Elana James- New York, NY
Rabbi Beth Janus- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Randy Kafka- Stoughton, MA
Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster- Teaneck, NJ
Rabbi David Kaiman- Gainesville, FL
Rabbi David Kalb- Bronx, NY
Rabbi Elana Kanter- Scottsdale, AZ
Rabbi Emily Aviva Kapor-Mater- Seattle, WA
Rabbi Molly Karp- New City, NY
Rabbi Nancy Kasten- Dallas, TX
Rabbi Peg Kershenbaum- New City, NY
Rabbi Emma Kippley-Ogman- St. Paul, MN
Rabbi Daniel Kirzane- Overland Park, KS
Rabbi Noah Kitty- Wilton Manors, FL
Rabbi David Klatzker- Cranford, NJ
Rabbi Lori Klein- Capitola, CA
Rabbi Malkah Binah Klein- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Margie Klein Ronkin- Jamaica Plain, MA
Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum- New York, NY
Rabbi David L Kline- Brooklyn, NY
Rabbi Marc Kline- Tinton Falls, NJ
Rabbi Myriam Klotz- New York, NY
Rabbi Rachel Kobrin- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Debra Kolodny- Portland, OR
Rabbi Jamie Korngold- Boulder, CO
Rabbi David Kosak- Portland, OR
Rabbi Raquel Kosovske- Northampton, MA
Rabbi Michael Kramer- Hockessin, DE
Rabbi Barry Krieger- greenland, NH
Rabbi Suri Krieger- Westborough, MA
Rabbi Paul Kurland- Nanuet, NY
Rabbi Rebecca Kushner- Iowa City, IA
Rabbi Hannah Laner- Nederland, CO
Rabbi Benay Lappe- Skokie, IL
Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie- New York, NY
Rabbi Adam Lavitt- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Allan Lehmann- Newton, MA
Rabbi Darby Leigh- Waban, MA
Rabbi David Leipziger Teva- East Hampton, CT
Rabbi Michael Lerner- Berkeley, CA
Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater- Pasadena, CA
Rabbi Chai Levy- Albany, CA
Rabbi Annie Lewis- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Rebecca Lillian- Chicago, IL
Rabbi Andrea D. Lobel- Ottawa, ON
Rabbi Amy Loewenthal- Keene, NH
Rabbi Alan Londy- Kansas City, MO
Rabbi Emily Losben-Ostrov- Erie, PA
Rabbi Janet Madden PhD- Santa Monica, CA
Rabbi Chaim Mahgel- Berkeley, CA
Rabbi Anna Maranta- Ottawa, ON
Rabbi Paula Marcus- Aptos, CA
Rabbi Marc Margolius- New York, NY
Rabbi Bonnie Margulis- Madison, WI
Rabbi Jeffrey Marker- Brooklyn, NY
Rabbi Jessica Marshall- Everett, WA
Rabbi Nathan Martin- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi José Rolando Matalon- New York, NY
Rabbi Monique Mayer- Port Talbot, WGM United Kingdom
Rabbi Ariel Mayse- West Newton, MA
Rabbi Batsheva Meiri- Weaverville, NC
Rabbi Rim Meirowitz- Peabody, MA
Rabbi Lev Meirowitz Nelson- New York, NY
Rabbi Abby Michaleski- Voorhees, NJ
Rabbi Diana Miller- Lambertville, NJ
Rabbi Tamara Miller- Washington, DC
Rabbi David Mivasair- Vancouver, BC Canada
Rabbi Lee Moore- Kent, OH
Rabbi Linda Motzkin- Gansevoort, NY
Rabbi Dev Noily- Piedmont, CA
Rabbi Leah novick- Carmel, CA
Rabbi David Oler- Deerfield, IL
Rabbi Laura Owens- Los Angeles, CA
Rabbi Shuli Passow- new york, NY
Rabbi Nina Perlmutter- Chino Valley, AZ
Rabbi Julie Pfau- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Robin Podolsky- Los Angeles, CA
Rabbi James Ponet- New Haven, CT
Rabbi Marcia Prager- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Jonah Rank- Syosset, NY
Rabbi Joshua Ratner- Woodbridge, CT
Rabbi Yaakov 'Trek' Reef- Damascus, VA
Rabbi Victor Reinstein- Jamaica Plain, MA
Rabbi Shayna Rhodes- Newton, MA
Rabbi Yair Robinson- Wilmington, DE
Rabbi D'vorah Rose- San Mateo, CA
Rabbi Ariella Rosen- Merion Station, PA
Rabbi Brant Rosen- Evanston, IL
Rabbi Elana Rosen-Brown- San Rafael, CA
Rabbi Harry Roth- Los Angeles, CA
Rabbi Jonathan Rubenstein- Gansevoort, NY
Rabbi Ruhi Sophia Rubenstein- Eugene, OR
Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg- Evanston, IL
Rabbi David Saltzman- Boonton, NJ
Rabbi Regina Sandler-Phillips- Brooklyn, NY
Rabbi Eva Sax-Bolder- New York, NY
Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb- Washington, DC
Rabbi SaraLeya Schley- Berkeley, CA
Rabbi Chaim Schneider- Santa Cruz, CA
Rabbi Dr Leslie Schotz- West Islip, NY
Rabbi Neil Schuman- Plainview, NY
Rabbi Allen Secher- Whitefish, MT
Rabbi Judith Seid- Pleasanton, CA
Rabbi Jonathan Seidel- Eugene, OR
Rabbi David Seidenberg- Northampton, MA
Rabbi Elyse Seidner-Joseph- West Chester, PA
Rabbi Ahud Sela- Granada Hills, CA
Rabbi Gerald Serotta- Chevy Chase, MD
Rabbi Drorah Setel- Rochester, NY
Rabbi Lori Shaller- Oak Bluffs, MA
Rabbi Randy Sheinberg- New Hyde Park, NY
Rabbi Alexandria Shuval Weiner- Roswell, GA
Rabbi Becky Silverstein- Los Angeles, CA
Rabbi Jonathan Slater- Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
Rabbi Ruth Sohn- Los Angeles, CA
Rabbi Felicia Sol- New York, NY
Rabbi Eric Solomon- Raleigh, NC
Rabbi Marc Soloway- Boulder, CO
Rabbi Robin Sparr- Natick, MA
Rabbi Toba Spitzer- Waltham, MA
Rabbi Jacob Staub- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Adam Stein- Vancouver, BC
Rabbi Margot Stein- Bala Cynwyd, PA
Rabbi Naomi Steinberg- Carlotta, CA
Rabbi Oren Steinitz- Elmira, NY
Rabbi Kaya Stern-Kaufman- Leominster, MA
Rabbi Jeffrey Stiffman- Olivette, MO
Rabbi Danielle Stillman- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Ariel Stone- Portland, OR
Rabbi Jeff Sultar- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Alana Suskin- Rockville, MD
Rabbi Karen Sussan- Suffern, NY
Rabbi Gerald Sussman- Staten Island, NY
Rabbi Louis Sutker- Victoria, BC Canada
Rabbi Robert Tabak- Melrose Park, PA
Rabbi Susan Talve- St. Louis, MO
Rabbi Elliott Tepperman- Montclair, NJ
Rabbi David Teutsch- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Shoshanah Tornberg- Lafayette Hill, PA
Rabbi Julia Vaughns- Ashland, OR
Rabbi Stewart Vogel- Woodland Hills, CA
Rabbi Brian Walt- West Tisbury, MA
Rabbi Arthur Waskow- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Mira Wasserman- Narberth, PA
Rabbi Pamela Wax- Bronx, NY
Rabbi Seth Wax- Brooklyn, NY
Rabbi Ezra Weinberg- New York, NY
Rabbi Sheila Weinberg- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Uzi Weingarten- Brooklyn, NY
Rabbi Aaron Weininger- Minneapolis, MN
Rabbi Simkha Y Weintraub- Brooklyn, NY
Rabbi Ora Weiss- Newton Centre, MA
Rabbi Ariann Weitzman- West Orange, NJ
Rabbi Shohama Wiener- New Rochelle, NY
Rabbi Elyse Winick- Newton, MA
Rabbi Joseph Wolf- Portland, OR
Rabbi Elana Zaiman- Seattle, WA
Rabbi David Zaslow- Ashland, OR
Rabbi Shawn Zevit- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Simcha Zevit- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Jill Zimmerman- Los Angeles, CA
Rabbi Marcia Zimmerman- Minneapolis, MN
Rabbi Rain Zohav- Rockville, MD
Rabbi Yosef Zylberberg- Westerville, OH
Rabbinic Pastor Sarah Cohen- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbinic Pastor Eve Ilsen- Boulder, CO
Rabbinic Pastor Miryam Levy- Santa Fe, NM
Rabbinic Pastor Ellen Weaver- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbinic Pastor Sandra Wortzel- Tucson, AZ
Rabbinical Stude Daniel Atwood- New York, NY
Rabbinical Stude Laura Bellows- Jamaica Plain, MA
Rabbinical Stude Jessica Fisher- Cincinnati, OH
Rabbinical Stude Eliyahu Freedman- new york, NY
Rabbinical Stude Moshe Givental- Newton Center, MA
Rabbinical Stude Zelig Golden- Sebastopol, CA
Rabbinical Stude Miriam Grossman- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbinical Stude Rachmiel Gurwitz- bronx, NY
Rabbinical Stude Margo Hughes-Robinson- New York, NY
Rabbinical Stude Rory Katz- New York, NY
Rabbinical Stude Sandra Lawson- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbinical Stude Lily Nagy-Deak- Newfield, NY
Rabbinical Stude Blair Nosan- New York, NY
Rabbinical Stude Sarah Noyovitz- Newton, MA
Rabbinical Stude Louis Polisson- New York, NY
Rabbinical Stude Mackenzie Reynolds- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbinical Stude Charna Rosenholtz- Boulder, CO
Rabbinical Stude Daniel Schaefer- Jamaica Plain, MA
Rabbinical Stude Ariana Siegel- New York, NY
Rabbinical Stude Talia Stein- Somerville, MA
Rabbinical Stude Dena Trugman- Brookline, MA
Rabbinical Stude Lauren Tuchman- New York, NY
Rabbinical Stude Zoe Van Raan- Santa Fe, NM
Rabbinical Stude Josh Weisman- Jamaica Plain, MA
Rabbinical Stude Micah Weiss- Philadelphia, PA
Rabbinical Stude Nora Woods- Philadelphia, PA
Rev. Stacy Grove- Apex, NC
Rev. Bahira Sugarman- Gainesville, FL
Cantor Shayndel Adler-Eldridge- Davis, CA
Cantor Nancy Ginsberg- Owings Mills, MD
Cantor Sharon Kohn- Kansas City, MO
Cantor David Lefkowitz- New York, NY
Cantor Andrea London- Evanston, IL
Cantor Abbe Lyons- Ithaca, NY
Cantor Steve Puzarne- Sun Valley, CA
Cantor Aviva Rosenbloom- Altadena, CA
Cantor Richard Rosenfreld- Ithaca, NY
Cantor Benjie Schiller- White Plains, NY
Cantor Linds Shivers- Portland, OR
Cantor Faith SteinsnyderGurney- Mahwah, NJ
Cantor Seth Warner- St. Louis, MO
Chaplain Elizabeth J. Berger- Melville, NY
Dr. David Abram- Santa Fe, NM
Dr. Thauna Abrin- Hardwick, VT
Dr. Edward Gurowitz- Incline Village, NV
Dr. Linda Palter- Muskegon, MI
Dr. Candace Platz- Loxahatchee, FL
Dr. Louis Rothschild- Providence, RI
Dr. Bob Steinberg- Winnipeg, MB
Dr. Lori Ayela Wynters- New Paltz, NY
Hazan Shulamit Wise Fairman- Oakland, CA
Kohenet Shamirah Bechirah (Sarah Chandler)- Brooklyn, NY
Kohenet Rae Abileah- Nederland, CO
Kohenet Elsa Asher- Richmond, CA
Kohenet Ellie Barbarash- Philadelphia, PA
Kohenet Shoshana Bricklin- Philadrlphia, PA
Kohenet Ahava Lilith evershYne- Tallahassee, FL
Kohenet Nancy Handwerger- Garnet Valley, PA
Kohenet Judith bat Serakh Hollander- New York, NY
Kohenet Sharon Jaffe- Minneapolis, MN
Kohenet D'vorah K'lilah- San Francisco, CA
Kohenet Jo kent katz- florence, MA
Kohenet Yocheved Landsman- Boulder, CO
Kohenet Ketzirah Lesser- Washington, DC
Kohenet Annie Matan- Toronto, ON
Kohenet Tiana Mirapae- Montague, MA
Kohenet Nina Pick- Lee, MA
Kohenet Rachel Rose Reid- London, England
Kohenet Marni Ashirah Rothman- Berkeley, CA
Kohenet Mei Mei Miriyam Sanford- West Point, VA
Kohenet Alumah Schuster- cedarburg, WI
Kohenet Gail Tishman- Mt. Laurel, NJ
Kohenet Ariel Vegosen- berkely, CA
Maggid Andrew Gold- Las Vegas, NM
Murshid Vera De Chalambert- Palm Beach, AL
Professor Barbara Breitman- Philadelphia, PA
Professor Glenn Hartelius- Berkeley, CA
Professor Ginni Stern- Burlington, VT
Professor Sharon Wells- Summertown, TN

If you are a Rabbi, Cantor, Rabbinic Pastor, Chaplain, Kohenet, or Rabbinic or Cantoial student, Jewish musician, artist, writer, professor, or other form of spiritual leader and wish to join in signing the Rabbinic  Statement, you can click to



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