A Prayer for This Morning as Our Country Faces Sexual Assault by Men in Power

A Prayer for This Morning

(Written by Rabbi Tamara Cohen)

Dear God Who opened Hagar’s eyes to the desert wellspring that saved her life, 

Dear God Who was with Hannah as she cried out her heart to the priest Eli, deafened by his position and authority and judgment, 

Be with Christine Blasey Ford today as she opens her lips to share her painful truths in a seat of patriarchal power.

May those who seek her harm be stilled!

May those who quake with their own memories find support and comfort.

May those who go to parties tonight and any night seeking joy, acceptance, release, adventure, never be pinned down, ridiculed, forced to yield the basic freedom to their bodies’ autonomy, to their souls’ intactness, to their future’s possibilities. 

May You be also with Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick and all brave women who speak out and risk their safety for the sake of the safety of others.

And may those who seek to limit the freedom of women in the name of their own freedom or in the name of their faith, come to see that the way to protect the sanctity of life is right before them every day --- in the workplace, in their families, on the streets and in their schools, 

Because each chance to treat a human being as a human being is an opportunity to honor the sanctity of life.

     And let us say, Ameyn!

 (Written by Rabbi Tamara Cohen, September 27, 2018)

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