Waskow course on Eco-focusing Festival Celebrations

Action Description: 

Rabbi Waskow will be teaching a week-long course on "Greening our Festival and Life-cycle Celebrations" -- how to draw authentically on those celebrations to create social change toward preventing climate disaster and healing the relationship between adam (humanity) and adamah (the earth).

His course will especially address responses to the Gulf oil blowout, the paralysis of Congressional action on climate, and the use of Tisha B'Av (July 19-20) to mourn the ongoing destruction of our Sacred Temple the Earth, and to work toward the birth of a planetary community.

The course will be part of a week-long retreat that also includes workshops and courses with a dozen other teachers, all focused on "Greening the Godfield," sponsored by Ruach HaAretz and held at the Pearlstone retreat center between Baltimore & Washington DC.

The entire retreat will weave joyful community with focused learning.

Jewish and Interfaith Topics: