Eid Mubarak –- A Blessed Festival!

As the Muslim world celebrates Eid al-Idha, the Feast of the Sacrifice, we can all join in remembering the moment when our common Father Abraham heard the ultimate teaching of the Infinite: "Do not kill your son!"

As Abraham substituted the ram for his child, as Muslims today in memory of that moment share their food with the poor, so may we all join in acting on God's command: "Do not kill your children in war; feed the poor!"

The Quran teaches us that the One Who is infinite shaped humankind in many diverse cultures and communities so that we could learn from each other's glorious gifts, not pour hatred, contempt, and violence upon each other.

May we all take this wisdom to heart as we learn deeply, each of us from our own tradition, the teachings of compassion –-- and in this way learn to transcend those other teachings or practices of fear and hatred that may appear in all traditions to divide us against each other.

Salaam, shalom, peace! –--
(Avraham Yitzchak Yishmael Yam)

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