Barghouti Praises Palestinian Nonviolence & Israeli Court Decision on the Wall in Bilin

Victory of the peaceful popular struggle in Bil’in shows the way forward for Palestinians, says Mustafa Barghouthi
Ramallah, 04/09/2007
Dr. Barghouthi MP, Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative, commented on today’s decision by the Israeli Supreme Court to move the route of the wall in Bil’in. He explained that the steadfast peaceful resistance of the villagers of Bil’in resulted in the decision to partially remove the wall in the village.
Dr Barghouthi commended the heroic struggle of the people, the local families and the foreign sympathizers who maintained a peaceful popular struggle against the apartheid wall during more than two years, eventually forcing the Israeli High Court of Justice to issue a decision to order the removal of the wall from the village. He added that the struggle must continue until the wall is fully removed from Bil’in and all Palestinian land.
Mustafa Barghouthi praised the heroic steadfastness of the demonstrators, the villagers firstly but also all the sympathizers, Palestinians, Israelis and internationals, who achieved together this important victory.
Dr. Barghouthi called for this model to be replicated everywhere in addressing the Apartheid wall, the settlements and the occupation, as it is happening now in Umm Salumona, Artas and Yatta. He explained that this decision of the Israeli High Court of Justice proves the effectiveness of the strategy based on mixing peaceful popular resistance and international solidarity, and that what is needed today more than ever from all Palestinian parties is to support the steadfastness of the people in areas adjacent to the wall and settlements, and to support models of popular struggle that have proved their effectiveness.
Dr Mustafa Barghouthi called for all the Palestinians to continue the struggle against the wall, the settlements and the annexation of East Jerusalem, using international law and peaceful popular resistance.
Dr Barghouthi called for the international community to enforce the ruling of the International Court of Justice in The Hague against the wall.
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