NOV 4, 2006: International Day of Climate Action

The Shalom Center has joined as a co-sponsor in calling for an International Day of Climate Action November 4, 2006 - to address the climate crisis of Global Scorching.

Plans for November 4 were developed by the Climate Crisis Coalition

These worldwide actions will happen just prior to the United Nations Climate Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, where delegates from more than 175 countries will be meeting from November 6-November 17.

The vast majority of those attending the UN conference will be signers of the Kyoto Protocol on global warming. They will be discussing the latest developments as far as this deepening world crisis and what should be done to address it.

For several years the United States government has tried to block any positive action at these U.N. conferences. Last year in Montreal, in the face of massive pressure, domestically and internationally, the Bush administration delegation moderated its obstructionist stance. This year they must be confronted with still wider and more emphatic action.

In 2005, 80,000 people participated in actions in 20 countries on the first International Day of Climate Action on December 3rd. This year on Nov. 4th 48 countries will be involved

In the US the Climate Crisis Coalition will focus on November 7, Election Day. The goal is to give climate change the attention it demands as voters go to the voting booths.

Please check these links for information about November 4th and related activities.

• Bright Idea! Lights out! A nationwide action!
• Get involved and get active on November 3rd and 4th!
• Locate a demonstration in the United States
• Organize an action in your community (kit)
• See who endorses the November 4th Day of Action
• Organizations! Add your name to the list of endorsers
• Send your Candidate a questionnaire! Ask them where they stand on Climate & Energy! A New Website to Engage Voters and Candidates in Climate Change Issues .
CCC's sister organization, ClimateUSA, is working to help engage voters and candidates with important climate issues in the 2006 elections. The website makes it easy for you to download letters you can send to candidates and newspapers, addresses, telephone numbers, and many more resources. Please do what you can to promote climate issues in the midterm elections and urge friends, associates and family to do the same.

A New DVD on Climate and the 2006 Elections
The video features authors Bill McKibben, Elizabeth Kolbert and Ross Gelbspan; students; and a broad spectrum of people determined to fight for a clean energy future. Global warming might be a grim subject, but we think that you will find this 28-minute DVD uplifting. The theme that resonates throughout is that climate change must be a prominent part of the 2006 election agenda. As Bill McKibben says in this video, "Last year has finally seen Americans wake up and understand what is going on." Elizabeth Kolbert says, "There is absolutely no time to waste. The midterm elections in 2006 are not a moment too soon to begin."

Take a quick look at the trailer at: . You can order the DVD on the site (for only $5 including shipping). The site also offers a menu of ways to help us infuse a sense of urgency about climate change into the 2006 elections.