Seeger, Zalman, Yarrow, Charlie King, Shefa -- New CD!!

image of Seeger, Zalman, Yarrow, Charlie King, Shefa -- album cover

When shofar meets flute, Pete Seeger meets them both, Debbie Friedman and Shefa Gold Join the chorus.

What could bring Pete Seeger, Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi on shofar dancing with Paul Horn on flute, Peter Yarrow, Debbie Friedman, Linda Hirschhorn, Shefa Gold, Reggie & Kim Harris, David Shneyer, Aryeh Hirschfield – we could go on and on -- all to the same "place"?

An extraordinary brand-new CD, that's what, produced by The Shalom Center!

We've been working with singer/ composer/ Rabbi Margot Stein to create this CD called "Sing Shalom!" -=- a gathering of 20 songs and stories by different singers and teachers, all focused on peace, justice, and healing of the earth: ---

Pete Seeger's deeply moving song of his own, "Rainbow Race," recorded live with an "audience" that joins in the song --- a recording available nowhere else;

Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi's improvisational jazz duet on shofar and flute with Paul Horn, recorded live in Bombay in 1982 –- also with an "audience" that joins in the duet with a transcendent chant. Also available nowhere else;

Peter Yarrow's "Light One Candle," and Debbie Friedman's "Not by Might and Not by Power," and Linda Hirschhorn with "Circle Round for Freedom" and --

Reggie and Kim Harris with African-American songs of freedom that are rooted in the Bible,

and Rayzel Raphael with Miriam at the Red Sea,

and Charlie King on the loss of the 8-hour day,

and Rabbi Shefa Gold with a new song rooted in Jeremiah as well as "Roni v'Simchi,"

and David Shneyer with the song he wrote to plant a tree of life for peace on the grounds of the US Capitol 35 years ago during the Vietnam War, and Margot Stein's "Eden Once Again" --

And many more gorgeous songs from gorgeous singers like Yitz Husbands-Hankin, Leila Gal Berner, Aryeh Hirschfield, Cantor Jack Kessler, MIRAJ – and on and on.

And a little story-telling by Rabbi Arthur Waskow about how some of these songs came to be, or to connect.

Never before has this amazing array of singers from different traditions and communities come together to give permission for their songs to be woven into a single CD.

Now you can get this CD and if you wish, also contribute to The Shalom Center's work by writing ---
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