Mother Earth on a Bad Day

Rabbi Geeza Rayzel Raphael

and I'm grouchy.
I labor long and hard to feed you all
trying to keep it all in balance
the right amount of wind and rain, sun, cold and warmth
and what thanks do i get,?
  you pull the oil out of me for your pleasure.
Don't you know a woman looks older when she is dry, hard and wrinkled
when her oil glands are less active?
How do you think I will feel when the oil is sucked out of my being?
ANGRY! thats how!
for when I shrivel, I will shake,
and my belly will move and I will throw things around,
howling and raging with the biggest tantrum you have ever seen.
  So let it be known I am already out of sorts,
a sad mother is no fun,
but an angy one is dangerous.
I'd much rather play with you than fight, so think about it.

Rabbi Raphael lives and creates street Shabbos celebrations, new Jewish music, and other insightful incitements in Philadelphia.

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