The Holy Spirit Transforms #FreedomSeder50

I’m amazed and delighted to share the remarkable results of #FreedomSeder50 just a week ago. They range from beginning to weave together a film of the Seder, to fulfilling the passionate call Reverend William Barber issued at the Seder for a march that is sure to go down in history: gathering 1,000 clergy of all faiths at the White House on June 6.

The energy at the Seder was extraordinary. It felt as if all 400 participants were reaching to be their best and highest selves, each lifting the All. It felt as if we were all being lifted by the Ruach HaKodesh, the Holy Spirit Who interbreathes all life. (The Hebrew word “ruach” means “breath,” “wind,” and “spirit.”)

To have just a taste of the experience, click this link to watch and hear four minutes of Reverend Barber’s prophetic eloquence:

Once you have watched the video yourself, please send this letter to all your friends and post to social media with the hashtag #FreedomSeder50. Make sure to tag me by name or @RabbiArthur. Also tweet and retweet, referencing @RabbiArthur. On Instagram, be sure to tag @the_Shalom_Center.

We offer these videos as a gift for your own thought in the spirit of “In every generation, all human beings must look upon ourselves as if we ourselves, not our forebears only, go forth from slavery to freedom.”

We need your help to move forward with all that was catalyzed at the Seder, especially Reverend Barber's impassioned call for clergy to come to the White House on June 6. I have been invited by Reverend Barber to join the planning committee and the Council of Prophetic Voices for that action. Our work is certainly cut out for us – it will take time and money -- for us to reach out to Jewish and  other clergy, encourage support by all communities of Spirit, and engage the media so everyone is aware of this historic action. Please join us in making this Call a reality by making a contribution to The Shalom Center, and by spreading this message. Please click on the maroon “Contribute” button just below.

Blessings of freedom within, freedom among, and freedom beyond – from this Passover into our future!  Arthur


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