Heal-Climate Huge Rally, DC Sunday Feb 17

Action Description: 

The largest heal-the-climate rally in the history of the USA will take place next Sunday, February 17, on The National Mall in Washington, D.C., including a march to the White House, from Noon to 4:00 p.m. (Please arrive by 11:30 a.m.) More than 18,000 people are expected. We urge all the members and readers of The Shalom Center to be among them.

Background Information: 

The Rally will call on the President to take active and major steps to carry out the promise he made in his Second Inaugural Address, to protect the Earth from the ravages of climate disaster. Specifically the Rally will call on him to decide to refuse, once and for all, to issue a permit for the construction of a Tar Sands Pipeline from Canada to Texas. He alone has the power to issue or deny the permit.

Why this special concern about Tar Sands? Because the “tar” is the form oil that if dug up, transported, and refined is the dirtiest, most carbon-dioxide-intensive, version of the Oil that is already overheating our planet. Doing the Tar Sands work will multiply in number and intensity the kinds of extreme weather events we are already suffering: Superstorm Sandy, the drought throughout the US corn belt, unheard-of droughts and fires in Australia and Russia, the disastrous drought in Africa that has led to starvation, civil wars, and near genocide.

We strongly encourage those among our members and readers who will come to the Rally out of a religious or spiritual commitment to heal the Earth to gather from 11:30-12:30, in a multifaith contingent outside the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden on the National Mall (between 7th and 9th Streets SW) –  on on the north/Mall side on the gravel pathway. The closest Metro station is L’Enfant Plaza (green, yellow, orange, or blue lines).  Look for Tim Kumfer, of the Festival Center, and Rose Berger, of Sojourners, who will be carrying a large “dove” to help you find us in the crowd.
Bring congregational banners and wear congregational T-shirts.

 If you have or can get a large easily portable globe, please do: “We have the whole world in our hands” is a truth we can symbolize by carrying such a globe.

 If you feel comfortable wearing yarmulkes, talleisim, etc., please do.

BRING: filled water bottles, your lunch and snacks, a charged cell phone,  green T-shirt if you have one, safety pins to attach your shirt to your coat, any medicines you normally take, tissues (it’s cold season) pen or pencil.
WEAR: comfortable shoes for standing or walking, umbrellas if there is a chance of rain, layers of clothing, gloves, hats.
OPTIONAL: Signs and posters, portable musical instruments, songbooks, pillow, headache medicine (be prepared!)

 There will be port-a-potties in DC. Plan to bring all the food and water you’ll need for the day with you.  

From many cities, buses will be coming to the Rally. For information on buses from your city, check at  <http://action.sierraclub.org/site/PageNavigator/nat_signup_feb17_buses.html>

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