Printable PDF New Freedom Seder for the Earth, with full-color graphic cover!

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The Shalom Center has created a 40th Anniversary New Interfaith Freedom Seder for the Earth to help us free ourselves from the greatest dangers of our time: What are the Ten Plagues endangering the earth and human life today, and what are the Ten Blessings we ourselves can bring to heal the earth and our own societies?

If you want to use this text, or part of it, for an Earth Seder in your own community -- perhaps a week before Pesach or for Earth Day on April 22, or the weekend before or after -- please do so -- and we ask you to make a contribution to The Shalom Center to help us do this and similar work. We suggest a donation of $18 plus $1 for each participant in your Seder. Click on the "Donate" headline near the top of the left-hand column on this page to contribute, and please let us know what you are doing by writing

Click on the symbol for "graphic" at the top of this post, with the tag "Haggadah_for_Earth,"to download a full pdf of the New Freedom Seder for the Earth.! (It includes an amazing full-color graphic cover by Avi Katz.) If you prefer to have a text copy that you can easily edit, click here


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