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 Here is your copy of the new "MLK+50 Interfaith Freedom Seder." Click on the title of this article. You will see a bold black bar and just below it, a small red link. Click on the red llnk to reach the Seder, download it, and print your own copy. It's in PDF and will fit on 12 sheets of paper, 24 pages back to back, with some gorgeous graphics.

This Seder was woven by The Shalom Center of three strands: the ancient Passover stories of the freedom struggle of Israelites against slavery under Pharaoh and the echoes of Passover in the Christian Holy Week; the wisdom of Dr. Martin Luther King, to reawaken and renew his teachings for the fiftieth anniversary of his death on April 4, 1968, in the midst of a year of intense crisis in the difficult history of Americcan democracy; and the struggles and wisdoms of our own generation, living in the midst of an even deeper crisis in whether American democracy can survive.

We welcome you, {contact.first_name}, and your friends to use this Seder in any of several ways: You miight gather friends and family to celebrate it before or during the coming spring festivals of liberation, perhaps on April 4 itself. You might leave spacious time for conversation about its teachings, songs ,and graphics. You might work with a gathering of Resisters, perhaps with a religious community or an interfaith group, to use it the same way. You might draw on some passages to insert into your own Seder. Feel Free! -- That's the point!

In any of these cases, please cite the copyright and authorship information that appears after the tite page. Please let The Shalom Center know in advance what plans you have to use it, and please make a (tax-deductible) contribution to The Shalom Center as suggested in the Seder itself. Afterward, please send us photos of your Seder, perhaps notes about how it went, recordings of a song you loved singing, etc.

Click on this link:  mlk50_interfaith_freedom_seder_pdf-_b_copy.pdf

Have a joyful and liberating Seder, have a joyful and liberating year ahead of active work to Resist the modern Pharaohs and birth the Beloved Community  --  Arthur



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