Who/ What is Responsible for the Govt Shut-Down?

The real issue is not “Who is responsible?” but “What values are embodied in the Budget?”  All governmental budgets are embodiments of the ethical commitments of our society; what do we want those ethics to be?

In  this moment, the conflict over values that has led to the shut-down boils down to this:

One political party, in the minority in Congress but with a de facto veto in the Senate, insists that the next Federal budget include a clear and permanent legal provision to protect the Dreamers, young people who were brought to the US as children by their parents (who came undocumented) and who have grown up in productive lives here even though they are not “legal” residents. They would be protected from deportation and could legally work, go to school, etc.

The other political party, in control of Congress and the Presidency, is not committed to the Dreamers but is committed to spending billions of dollars building a formidable Wall on the Mexico border in addition to present security measures controlling immigration across that border.  They have proclaimed, “No Wall, No Deal.”

Which set of values represents you? You can call 1202-224-3121 for your members of the Senate and House of Representatives  and urge them to reopen the government either by voting for the Dreamers or by voting for the Wall.  

Blessings of shalom, salaam, paz, peace for you, for Mother Earth, and for all her myriad earthlings --  Arthur