Two Days Left!

If you care about a planet that is burning, choking and strangling the Holy Interbreathing, the Ruach HaKodesh, the interchange of oxygen and CO2 that keeps all life alive, two days left.

If you care about the ancient wisdom of an earth-based people that was encoded in the Hebrew Bible and can help us learn how to heal our wounded world today, two days left.

If you care about a society that stands at the precipice of abandoning democracy and bending to a plutocracy that wins elections with floods of money and floods of racist ranting, two days left.

If you care about social justice and see that justice and eco-sanity are interwoven now as the ancient Shabbat and Sabbatical year cried out 3,000 years ago, two days left.

If you find your own best expression of your self in Judaism, or Christianity, or Islam, or Buddhism, or the Indigenous traditions, or any other ethical or spiritual path, and greet with joy both their distinctive teachings and their shared call for love of Earth and Humanity, two days left.

If you care about the Jewish people, the American Jewish community, the citizens of Israel – all of them --  and the people of Palestine, and are shocked by a White House that cloaks its own antisemitism in the slander that Jews who criticize the present US or Israeli government are “disloyal” or antisemitic, two days left.

If you care about the Jewish people and are shocked by those who demand uncritical idolatry of either the Israeli government or the “official” line on correct forms of opposition to it, two days left.

If you care about your tax-exemptions for your socially-responsible gifts, two days left.

If you care about the crisis of 2020, one of the pivotal years in US and therefore world and

If you care about a tiny organization that like the Shofar can awaken a much larger world by breathing Truth from its small place into a much larger outcry, two days left.

If you care about the commitment to rewrite Jewish tradition to fully hear the voices of women and of the many-gendered full reality of humankind,  and to take the hearing not only into Jewish life but also into the wider society where some justify sexism by quoting from our Bible  -- two days left.

 Two days left for what?

Two days left to make your contribution to The Shalom Center before the (un)civil old year ends.

We lift up our voice like the Shofar, and help you do the same –- what starts as one small voice calls out “Awake!” to all the world: 

     As we will do in 2020 by releasing the new rabbinic statement on the climate crisis --  “Elijah’s Covenant Between the Generations to Heal our Endangered Earth.”

     As we will do by joining with other religious communities before Passover and Palm Sunday in challenging the Carbon Pharaohs and the plagues of subjugation they bring on Earth and Humankind.

     As we will do by taking up the ancient prophetic mission of not just “the Prophets” but the whole Jewish people --  working alongside people of other communities to pursue justice, seek peace, heal Earth, sustain life.

For those of you who have already contributed as much as you can to The Shalom Center‘s work,, we thank you with full hearts. And for those who have not yet contributed and those of you who on reflection realize you can give more  --  

Please make your contribution by clicking on the maroon “Contribute” banner just below.

 And we invite you to recognize the crucial importance of this coming year:

Please make a monthly contribution of $20.20!

Many thanks and blessings for a year of dissolving Pharaohs in the sea of love and justice --  Arthur


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