Trump Tweets: “Khasoggi Murder Too Small”

Trump Tweets: “Khasoggi Murder Too Small”

By Arthur Waskow, White House Reporter for Dissociated Press

Washington DC/ December 24, 2018

In a Christmas Eve tweet to the nation, President Trump wrote today:

      ”Only problem with Saudis’ murder of Mr. Khasoggi‫    was it was too small. We sell weapons to the Saudis –-  thousands of  

      Yemeni kids die. We buy oil from Saudis – Earth burns and millions die in floods and fires.

      Nobody complains. America Great."       


Interviewed this afternoon by Sean Hannity of Fox News, Mr. Trump explained:

“Hitler and Goebbels got it right -- A Big Lie is more believable than a little one. Same way, Big Murder -- killing a lot of people all at once, If I can get it for you wholesale, a lot cheaper – a lot less trouble. Hardly gets anybody angry.  One murder at a time – “Little murder” – retail, you might say – everybody goes crazy. Costs a lot more for PR.

“Take Khasoggi. (Did I spell that right? If not, they’ll ll make fun of me for not knowing how to spell this weird foreeigner's weird name right, like that matters --  they keep missing the point in order to get their rocks off insulting me. ) I said it was worth smooshing over the Crown Prince murdering him, for us to get the Saudi money. – 'Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t'  --  one of my best lines ever, made everybody crazy so they still missed the real point --  Everybody sneered at my giving up morals for money. But nobody noticed --  the tradeoff was for Big Murder.

“I’m a little worried – the Senate just got a whiff of it, tried to stop my sending our troops to help Prince MbS do the Big Murders in Yemen. But it’s OK, the House will fall in line.  Murder for Money, it’s practically the slogan of the real-estate business in New York.

“The Oil we bought makes global scorching. You think I don’t know that? How dumb do you think I am? So dumb I couldn’t get elected President?

“Prince MbS --  by the way, a great guy, throws great parties! When he threw the royals in jail to extort them, the jail he chose was the fanciest hotel in Riyadh, Brilliant! – When MbS murders Khasoggi, everybody screams. But when Exxon murders millions, those guys make billions of dollars. If a Senator just mutters a complaint, even just a question, they have plenty cash to buy him.

“In the Saudi mess, I made sure we keep getting more Oil to burn.  Trouble with solar and wind, doesn’t kill anybody. How much fun can that be, how much money can that bring in?

“Same thing with selling the Saudis all those fancy weapons to use on Yemen. The Fake News says 85,000 kids died of hunger from Saudi attacks. True, of course. So many, nobody believes it.”

“My stupid politics is: I’ll take the heat off my pal Putin, my pal MbS, for the one-off murders of their enemies here and there -– so long as I can sell the Big Murders for Big Cash.”

At that point, Sean Hannity ended the interview: “Thank you, Mr. President. Does that mean Jim Acosta of CNN is safe from, umm, a dose of polonium?”