T'ruah honors Reb Arthur as “Life-long Human Rights Hero”

I’m writing on behalf of the Shalom Center Board to share exciting news: this coming March 25 in New York City, T’ruah: Rabbinic Voice for Human Rights will present Reb Arthur with its first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award as a “Hero of Human Rights.”

[From Arlene Goldbard, President, on behalf of the Board of The Shalom Center ]

It is a m’chayeh—a life-giving moment—for T’ruah to announce this just a week before the end of 2013, a year of great work and great impact for The Shalom Center. And you can make this moment into a m’chayeh for us all by right now making a donation to The Shalom Center which will count as a tax-deductible donation for 2013.
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Your gift will make it possible for Reb Arthur and The Shalom Center to continue our “Life-time Achievements” into the future. He will thank and honor you with a personal inscription in the book, CD, or DVD that goes to you with our gratitude.

One of the most life-giving aspects of Reb Arthur’s work is that he has again and again reached out to work in tandem with others. We heard the same remark a dozen times during the evening of "This is what 80 Looks Like": "Gloria and Arthur—the  two of them have done such work that they’d be utterly entitled to act like prima donnas—but they don’t!"
On the special occasion of this honor, all of us are invited to join with him in carrying out this work by helping to support it.

What has that life-time achievement been?

Reb Arthur’s lifetime has stood for the rights not only of human beings, but also trees, rivers, crickets, mountains, tigers, all the Interwoven InterBreathing that gives Life to Planet Earth.
It has been opposing the Vietnam War 50 years ago; and through The Shalom Center opposing the Iraq War even before it began a decade ago; and again through The Shalom Center initiating a Rabbinic Statement opposing those who wish to push us into an Iran War even now;
It has been creating the original Freedom Seder in 1969 and The Shalom Center’s Interfaith Freedom Seder for the Earth in 2009;
It has been writing the original Godwrestling in 1978 with its fresh midrashic reexamination of Torah; Seasons of Our Joy in 1980 to share fresh meanings of the festival cycle; and his books with Rabbi Phyllis Berman finding fresh spiritual meaning in the Jewish life-cycle (2006) and the Exodus and Wilderness stories (2011);
It has been suing the FBI in the ‘70s for its violations of law and the Constitution and winning the lawsuit; in 2004, helping organize the first religiously-rooted opposition to the use of torture by the US government; and suing the NSA for its illegal and un-Constitutional intrusion into billions of our phone calls right now;
It has been working as a legislative assistant on Capitol Hill in 1960 to show that nuclear “deterrence” was a dangerous delusion that should be replaced by efforts for nuclear disarmament; and working to prevent a nuclear holocaust in the early ‘80s as the nuclear arms race heated up; and working during the last seven years against the  “global scorching” that threatens the human race and the web of life on Mother Earth today;
It has been taking a stand in 1969 for a two-state peace agreement, a peaceful Palestine alongside a peaceful Israel; organizing the Olive Trees for Peace campaign in 2001 and physically planting trees in 2002 to replace Palestinian olive trees torn down by Israeli settlers on the West Bank; and helping found Rabbis for Human Rights/North America in 2002;
It has been vigorously criticizing the initial refusal in 1980 of the Jewish Theological Seminary to admit women as rabbinical students; and becoming the first Jewish magazine editor to publish in 1985 an article urging the full presence and equality of gay men and lesbians in Jewish and general life; and editing a special issue of the same journal urging affirmation of same-sex marriage; and organizing support for Catholic nuns against the Vatican’s effort to punish them for working with and for the poor instead of working against contraception;
And I have not yet covered the 1990s and 2000s, including special training for young activists, solidarity with Occupy, the U.S. Council of Elders, and a long record of bringing together bring together Jews, Christians, and Muslims! In a lifetime of commitment, caring, and conscience, Reb Arthur has published 22 books and been arrested 22 times standing to speak truth to power. May he go from strength to strength, and may your help support many more years of the lifetime that has earned this honor!

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Thank you!

Shalom, salaam, peace –
Arlene Goldbard, President;
On behalf of the Board of The Shalom Center