[On every Tisha B’Av, it is appropriate to say Mourners’ Kaddish for the yohrzeit – the death-anniversaries – of those who were slain as the ancient Holy Temples were destroyed by marauding armies – first Babylonian and later Roman.

[The ancient Temple offerings were the connection-point between the Jewish people and God.

[But as Isaiah speaks on God’s behalf in the passage we read just before Tisha B’Av (I: 10-17), “Burnt offerings, incense, solemn celebrations have become a burden to Me  -- for your hands are stained with crime.”

[These last few weeks, the moral and ethical “Temples” of connection between God and both the families of Abraham have been shattered by violence and war between them.  

[So on this Tisha B’Av, beginning Monday night August 4, some communities may feel drawn to mourn all those of both families of Abraham – through Hagar and her son Ishmael, through Sarah and her son Isaac – who have been  dying at each others’ hands.  

[The names of 18 such people – 18 is the symbolic Jewish number for “Life” – are listed after this Kaddish, to read aloud as representatives of the more than 2,000 who have died. The ratio of the names listed is 15 Palestinians, 3 Israelis – 5 to 1. The ratio of the dead is more like 35 to 1. --  Shalom, salaam, peace! --  Arthur

Yitgadal V’yit’kadash Shmei Rabah 

 May Your Great Name, through our expanding awareness and our fuller action, lift You to become still higher and more holy.

 For Your Great Name weaves together all the names of all the beings in the universe, among them our own names and the names of those we mourn --   (Cong: Amein)

 B’alma di vra chi’rooteh v’yamlich malchuteh  b’chayeichun, u’v’yomeichun, u’v’chayei d’chol beit yisrael, b’agalah u’vzman kariv, v’imru: --   Amein.

 ---   Throughout the world that You have offered us, a world of majestic peaceful order that gives life to the Godwrestling folk through time and through eternity ---- And let's say, Amein

 Y’hei sh’mei rabbah, me’vorach, l’olam almei almaya.

So may the Great Name be blessed, through every Mystery and Mastery of every universe.

Yitbarach, v’yishtabach, v’yitpa’ar, v’yitromam, v’yitnasei, v’yit'hadar, v’yit’aleh, v’yit'halal --  Shmei di’kudshah, --  Brich hu, (Cong: Brich Hu) 

 May Your Name be blessed and celebrated, Its beauty honored and raised high, may It be lifted and carried, may Its radiance be praised in all Its Holiness –--  Blessed be!

 L’eylah min kol bir’chatah v’shir’atah tush’be’chatah v’nehematah, de’amiran be’alma, v’imru: Amein (Cong: Amein) 

Even though we cannot give You enough blessing, enough song, enough praise, enough consolation to match what we wish to lay before you –

 And though we know that today there is no way to console You when among us some who bear Your Image in our being are slaughtering others who bear Your Image in our being -

 Yehei Shlama Rabah min Shemaya v’chayyim { aleinu v’al kol Yisrael, v’imru Amein.

Still, may it be that from the unity of Your Great Name there flows a great and joyful harmony and life for us and for all who wrestle God;   (Cong: Amein)

 Oseh Shalom bi’m’romav, hu ya’aseh shalom aleinu v’al kol yisrael v'al kol yishmael v'al kol yoshvei tevel -- v’imru: Amein.

You who make harmony in the ultimate reaches of the universe, teach us to make harmony within ourselves, among ourselves --  and peace for the children of Israel, the children of Ishmael, and for all who dwell upon this planet.  (Cong: Amein)


1. Dror Khenin, 37, Israeli killed near Erez crossing.

2. Eitan Barak, 20,  Israeli killed inside Gaza.

3. Auda al-Wadj, 32, Israeli killed in Bedouin community near Dimona.

4. Suleiman Salman Abu Sowaween, 22, killed in Deir al-Balah.

5. Siraj Ayad Abdelal, 8, killed in Khan Younis.

6. Abdel Hadi Jumaa al-Sufi, 24.

7. Rashid al-Kafarneh, 30, killed in Beit Hanoun.

8. Nayfeh Farajallah, 80,

9. Abdel Nasser Abu Kweik, 60, killed in Beit Hanoun.

10. Khaled Abu Kweik, 31, killed in Beit Hanoun.

11. Mohammed Arif, 13, killed in Gaza.

12. Mohammed Malake, 1½, killed in Gaza.

13. Hanaa Malake, 27, killed in Gaza.

14. Mohammed Khaled al-Nimre, 22, killed in Gaza.

15. Sahar Hamdan al-Masri, 40, killed in Beit Hanoun.

16. Mohammed Ibrahim al-Masri, 14, killed in Beit Hanoun.

17. Mohammed Khalaf al-Nawasra, 4, killed in al-Maghazi.

18. Nidal Khalaf al-Nawasra, 5, killed in al-Maghazi.

Late in the afternoon of Tisha B’Av, the tone of the day shifts from lament to hope, in accord with the last words of Eicha/ The Book of Lamentations: “You Who are the Breath of Life, turn us again toward You, and then we shall be able to return to the true path.” According to Jewish tradition, at that point on Tisha B’Av Mashiach (Messiah) was/ is born but hidden away till a generation will arise that is ready to make peace and eco-social justice in the world.

 As one present-day expression of that hope and desire for reconciliation, some communities may choose to read the midrashic tale by Rabbi Phyllis Berman and me – “The Last Tisha B’Av: A Tale of Jewish-Muslim Reconciliation.” – Click to