The “policy change” announced yesterday by Mr.  Trump was barely a change at all  and leaves traumatized children still with no way of reconnecting with their families. Our demand:   FAMILY REUNIFICATION NOW!  Trump’s reversal proves that his previous assertions that he had to rip families apart because it was the law were trumped-up lies.

At <> is a petition to Congress already signed by about 100 religious leaders and readers of the Shalom Report, demanding FAMILY REUNIFICATION NOW!   It also demands the resignation or impeachment and removal of two crucial White House aides, the Attorney-General, and the Secretary of Homeland Security who all pushed this cruel and disgusting policy, plus recommendations for other urgent action.  Pease sign!

At <> is a companion piece: an essay by Rabbi Phyllis Berman (founder and director for 37 years of school for adult new immigrants and refugees) and me on the spiritual meanings of the border -family crisis and on the challenge of biblical and quranic wisdom vs. the  idolatrous cruelty that lies at the root of the crisis.

Please sign, think, and act! – Shalom,  Arthur



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