Shamanic Necklaces for You also Support The Shalom Center

Mom's Day, Dad's Day, Grad's Day, BirthDay

[Dear friends, Five of the available ten necklaces crafted by shamanic artist Anael (Meryl Joblin) as a gift to donors of at least $136 to The Shalom  Center have already been committed. Five more people  -- first come, first served with spirit-energy -- can choose from those shown below. Among the five already committed are some intended as gifts for Mother's Day and a Birthday.  Father's Day and Graduation are also moments of celebration that merit a spiritually attuned necklace. Here is Anael's letter explaining why and how she is giving this gift. -- AW, ed.]

Dear Friends of the Shalom Center,

My name is Meryl Joblin. My Hebrew name as a shamanic craftsperson of healing jewelry is "Anael" --  "Please, God."

I'm in awe and gratitude for the ongoing groundbreaking and often miraculous programs offered through The Shalom Center, founded and directed by the incomparable Rabbi Arthur Waskow.  R. Arthur has inspired me in so many ways and most especially with his weaving Torah and his special seders. Just last year was the 50th anniversary of the original Freedom Seder.   His prophetic voice over the years calls us to social/economic justice in its many forms as he has most recently done for the Earth and all her creatures.

As a shamanistic artist, connected to heaven and earth, I'm offering my one-of-a-kind necklaces that I have created which carry high vibrational energy to those who make a new gift of $136 (or more) to The Shalom Center. Photos of these necklaces are below. I can donate ten of the thirteen shown. All choices must be made by the end of the Jewish month Iyar, which vibrates Healing in the sacred calendar. That means no later than Tuesday, May 11.

To make this donation please click to the maroon “Contribute” banner at the end of this mailing and be sure to write “ Artist Anael” in the “Honor of” slot.

Necklace 5010


 Necklace 5011


Necklace 5013

 Necklace 5014



Necklace 5016


 Necklace  5018


Necklace 5019


Necklace 5022


Necklace 5023

Necklace 5024

Be sure to keep a note with the number of the necklace of your choice -- and two more choices in case it has already been chosen. The Shalom Center will connect you and me with your commitment and we can get started.

In addition, I will provide a zoom session of my Native Judaism process of naming the necklace and finding its blessing for it to become your personal talisman during these troubling times. I'll be offering 2 or 3 a week through Iyyar, this month of healing within the Omer count. 

Those who have participated in this practice have been pleased that their donations have also come back in the form of beauty and blessings for themselves just as the process blesses me, as we are all connected.

To make this donation please click to the maroon “Contribute” banner at the end of this mailing and be sure to write “Artist Anael” in the “Honor of” slot.

Love and blessings,

Meryl Joblin (Anael)