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Almost two years ago, shortly after the extraordinary FreedomSeder+50 that included profound teachings and prophetic speeches,  the two of us -- Rabbi Phyllis Ocean Berman and Rabbi Arthur Ocean Waskow -- decided to create a book of many new voices –- a book to inspire the future called Liberating Your Passover Seder: An Anthology Beyond the Freedom Seder.

Ben Yehuda Books –- a young and creative Jewish publisher -- took up the joy of publishing what became 31 essays.  But the events that came before the next Passover came swooping like a Plague of vultures into our own lives. The Eleventh Plague intervened, as American lives became entangled with new pharaohs, and we came to live inside the Book of Exodus.  Some of the authors created new Seders, virtual in form and liberating in energy. Some found urgent priorities that slowed their writing.

So the book now exists in digital form --  not fully finished as a “book” in time for stirring creative energies for our second Covid Passover.

But just as the Plague taught us to meet face-to-face across a thousand miles of empty ether, we realized we could share this book in a new way.

So here is what we arranged: Pay for the book now as a NOT-FINAL BETA edition, and get a free copy of the ink-and-paper book for sure by no later than June 23 (the publisher’s birthday!) and possibly – no promises –  before Shavuot. Click to

Just to give you a savor of the book’s richness in authors and content, here’s the Table of Contents.

Blessings of joy and justice in your Seder! -- Arthur & Phyllis

Jewish and Interfaith Topics: