Resource #2 --for Action: Tisha B'Av for Temple Earth

A Day that Burns like a Furnace (The Prophet Malachi 3: 19)

Portland, OR: 116∘ F.;

British Columbia, 121∘ F., highest in all Canadian recorded history

Diagram of Heat Dome over Pacific Northwest --  From

But a Sun of Justice Will Bring Healing in its Rays

(Malachi 3: 20)

Make New Our Days Once More

As they were Not So Long Ago.

Turn Us to You,

Whose Very Name

Is the Interbreath of Life.

(Eicha/ Lamentations 5: 21)

Affirm the Sun's Solar Power

Affirm the Sun's Wind-Power


On Monday morning, July 19,

The day after Tisha B’Av --  

Move from Grief to Action:

If you can take the morning off, invite a few of your friends and fellow- congregants to visit the nearest home office of your Senator  -- to Insist on passage of the Green New Deal as part of Infrastructure.

Point out: If roads melt and buckle in extreme heat, if  electric grids collapse in extreme freezes, if floods wash out highways, if salt water from the rising sea erodes an apartment-house foundation till it falls and kills 150 people, then ignoring the climate crisis will make a “conventional” infrastructure bill a waste of time, money, and lives.

If you can’t afford a whole morning to save your grandchildren from misery and death, then take an hour to write your Senators. Or call them at 202-224-3121 and leave a message. Ask your friends to call. Call again. Visit your rabbi before the next Shabbat, the Shabbat of “Consolation,” and say you will not be consoled till your Congregation speaks out.

Tell the congregation you are saying Mourners’ Kaddish for those who died of heat stroke in Canada and those who died of building collapse in Florida and those who died in California wildfires. Invite them  to join you. 




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