A printable Version of the Olive Trees For Peace statement for distribution

From the Grass Roots—Olive Trees for Peace
(printable version)

The following version of the OLIVE TREES statement has been formatted to fit on two sides of a single sheet of paper, to make it easy to copy, and then to distribute to synagogues, at simkhas like weddings and bar/bat mitzvah celebrations, etc. The coupon appears twice, back-to-back on the bottom of both sides of the page, so as to allow it be cut off and sent in without damaging the statement itself.  We recommend reproducing this on a pastel green paper, approximately olive-colored. 

Click here for the printable version of the statement.

This file is in PDF format, and requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. If you cannot open the file, click here to get the free Acrobat Reader plug-in for your browser.