Oprah, Gloria Steinem, & Reb Arthur

Dear friends,  A few weeks ago, within three minutes I received three Emails from three different people on the same subject.

 They all reported that they had just watched Oprah Winfrey’s interview of Gloria Steinem. At the very end, Oprah had asked Steinem what moment of transformation she recalled in her life.

 Ms. Steinem responded:

 The things I remember that changed my life are really very small.
I was in the middle of the 1968 Convention when I just moved here.
I'd gone to this disastrous Democratic Convention.  
There was violence everywhere.  There was a police riot.  
I was distributing farm worker literature and I thought, "This is hopeless. Why am I doing this--(giving out this literature).  
And Arthur Waskow (I hope he's watching this...I haven't seen him since),
a wonderful man, came up to me and he said, "It's important.  Do it. Do it.
It's important. Everything we do is important."  and I've never forgotten that.

  I WAS ASTONISHED TO get these letters. My thought was, “You never know, you never know!”

 That is, you never know what act of kindness, of decency, of hope, of perseverance might help to heal a person or the world. 

 I called a friend of mine whom I know is friends with Ms. Steinem. I asked her to call and give her my number; that I would very much like to be directly in touch with her.

 Fifteen minutes later she called me, and we arranged what became a two-hour conversation at her home in New York.

 A delicious conversation.  I was moved, was educated, was enchanted.

 Remember --  You never know! Give your self over to a moment, and you might transform your self. Or someone else. Or the world.

 Shalom, salaam; healing, wholeness –--   Arthur