New Insights into Exodus for Passover & Holy Week

From Rabbis Phyllis Berman & Arthur Waskow

As we begin to approach Passover and Holy Week, our book Freedom Journeys: The Tale of Exodus and Wilderness across Millennia  is especially appropriate for reading with spiritual delight and emotional/ intellectual enlightenment.

Special essays by Christian and Muslim leaders (Ched Myers, Ayse Kadayifci, and Vincent Harding, obh) look at how the Gospels, the Quran, & Black American culture have drawn on the Exodus story.

(When we visited our beloved Brother Vincent in hospital here just before his death, one of the things we talked about was his essay. His writing, especially about the Exodus songs of Black America, was -- like him --  wise and gentle.)

And the two of us wrote with new insight into this ancient struggle for justice, freedom, and community from the perspective of our own active struggles for justice, peace, feminist transformation, and healing of the Earth.

We wrote in 2011, and the book has lost none of its fresh and vital meaning. Indeed, this year of all years we can learn from its ancient story of resistance to oppression, seen anew through our own life-struggles, to reawaken and reinspire ourselves.  (See the comments below.)

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Blessings for a liberating Passover & Holy Week– Phyllis & Arthur
Rabbis Arthur Ocean Waskow and Phyllis Ocean Berman

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Reviews & Praise for Freedom Journeys
“It was the Exodus story that undergirded the civil rights movement; but as Arthur Waskow and Phyllis Berman demonstrate in this fascinating book, even Martin Luther King didn’t plumb the entire story, which we need now more than ever.” —Bill McKibben, author, Eaarth; founder,

"This is a lush tapestry of visionary, incisive, and inspiring reflections on the Exodus and Wilderness stories.” —Rabbi Amy Eilberg, Jay Phillips Center for Interfaith Learning; the first woman ordained as a rabbi by the Jewish Theological Seminary

"Freedom Journeys is a deep meditation on the timeless--and timely--relevance of the Exodus narrative.   A joyous, wondrous, and profound classic."  —Omid Safi, Prof of Islamic studies, Duke University; author,  Memories of Muhammad

“Waskow and Berman, gifted storytellers in their own right, show how others see the Exodus story as an archetype for similar stories in Christianity, Islam, and the southern freedom movement.  Freedom Journeys is informative and inspiring.”  —Jim Wallis, president, Sojourners and author, God’s Politics

"Freedom Journeys helps us to bring to birth a new world as God and our forebears did in the Exodus so long ago." —Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, z’tz’l
"A powerful retracing of the Exodus story that reminds us all of our obligation to move against oppression and toward freedom in our own lives and in our own time."—Ruth W. Messinger, president, American Jewish World Service

"With fresh, bold, insightful interpretations on the well-known Exodus texts, Freedom Journeys, written by two of this generation’s most compelling prophetic voices, eloquently invites us to remember and to rethink how our ancient mission addresses the most urgent crises humanity faces today.”  —Rabbi David Saperstein, former director, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism; recently US Ambassador-at-Large for Religious Freedom

To order your own personally inscribed copy of Freedom Journeys, order it on-line at


or if you prefer, send a check for $13.99 to The Shalom Center, 6711 Lincoln Dr., Philadelphia PA 19119



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