[Dear friends, In response to a recent Shalom Report of mine, "The Roots of Turmoil in Jerusalem," Daisy Khan, executive secretary of  Women’s Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality (WISE), asked me to join her and Adem Carroll, am active Muslim member of several interfaith organizations, in working out a shared statement by Muslims and Jews about the worsening violence that began in Jerusalem and has now spead to all parts of Israel and Palestine. We did, we invited some leaders of both communities  to sign it, and the link is below. We invite you to join in it, and to share it with your friends.  To sign it, please click to --


 Since the Call was designed for signature by Muslims and Jews, we have provided another link for signatures by allies and supporters from other spiritual, religious, and ethical communities:


 [Dear friends, I am adding this note the morning  of May 20. Here is the Call with about 500 signers in four groups: the initiators, the early signers, the Jewish or Muslim signers, and the "Allies/ Witnesses" from other spiritual, religious, or ethical communities.

[This Call was written in the first few days after the exchange of rocket/ bomb fire, and its language is much gentler than it would have been had we written it even several days later. We would have taken into account ---

[The escalation of the Israeli attack on Gaza, including destruction of the only university library in Gaza and destruction of a journalists' center, as well as the killing of dozens more children and women who were in no way Hamas fighters; 

[the continuation of Hamas rocket attacks against civilian areas; 

[attempts by police and settlers to break up a general strike by Israeli citizens of Palestinian identity and Palestinians on the West Bank

[the formation of Whatsapp groups of Israeli "Jewish" violent bands planning and carrying out attacks on Israeli citizens of Arab/ Palestinian identity and culture; the failure of Israeli police to protect some Israeli citizens even when warned in advance of such planned attacks;

[the unwillingness of the President of the United States to not merely request of the Israeli government a cease-fire and the end of using US-supplied weapons for attacks on Gaza but when the Trumpian Prime Minister of Israel refused, the President's unwillingness to inform him there would be no more weapons sales, in accord with US law  --

[All this would have brought stronger condemnation in our call.

[But  we could not go back and ask signers to commit to stronger language without long delays, so we send you the Call as the signers signed it. Many might well have wanted more; but this is what it was. All our signers hope that the joining of American Muslims and Jews at such a moment will speak to the future and in the present. We welcome additional signers -- please share this Shalom Report with your friends, colleagues, and congregants.  --  Rabbi Arthur Waskow, editor]




May 14, 2021; 3 Sivan, 5781; 2 Shawwal, 1442

 On the occasion of the Islamic Holy Day of Eid and as we approach the Jewish Holy Day of Shavuot,  the Muslim and Jewish communities must both deplore the violence between Israel and Palestine and note the disproportionate response of the state of Israel, beginning with the attack on the Al Aqsa mosque on Laylat al Qadr, one of the holiest nights of the year.

 Some Israeli extremists continue to advocate for Israeli seizure and destruction of this holy site. Though their numbers are small, it is as if small numbers of people were known to be planning for destruction on Easter Sunday of St. Peter’s  in Vatican City, or on Yom Kippur of the Western Wall so sacred to Jews, or on July 4  of  the US Capitol together with the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, even if no one were to be killed – most unlikely in all four cases. 

Given the intense devotion to this place,  one of the most important sites in the Muslim world, and given the constant anxiety caused by the known threats to it, the actual attack was extremely provocative. We must question the motivation, the timing, and the necessity.

And we mourn the loss of lives, all sacred. We plead with our co-religionists in Israel and Palestine, and world-wide, to return to the shared vision of Jerusalem as a Holy City, one that reflects vision, light, hope, compassion and peace, and reflects the profound dignity and value of all humans as Images of the Holy One.

We ask both governmental leaders and private citizens, those with power and those in the street, to do everything in their power to de-escalate the conflict and further calm, to protect life and limb, restore the safety of all,  and prevent any damage to the sacred sites of all.

Injustices and inequalities feed this conflict. Though we deplore the rockets from Gaza as we deplore the Israeli bombing, the most immediate crisis in Jerusalem has its roots in the continuing military occupation and siege of lands that comprise the necessary aspirations of the Palestinian people  --  East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza – and the constant forcible pressure to replace Palestinian residents of these lands with settlers who often act oppressively, with  military and police protection.There may be several different ways to end this unjust occupation and to protect the safety of all who live in the region. So long as it continues, crisis after crisis, bloodshed after bloodshed, will be its consequences. 

For there can be no true security without justice. Nor will there be peace without justice, only  pacification based on force. Though many feel that the US has not maintained its neutrality as an honest broker in this ongoing conflict, President Biden should far more energetically promote a peace process both in Israel and Palestine, meanwhile responding to the concerns of the international community. The US Government has  so far seemed unable or unwilling to confront the settlement movement that has played such a destabilizing role in Israel as well as Palestine.

Our own spiritual and religious communities throughout the world are deeply affected by what our communities in Israel and Palestine do. The vision of the ancient Hebrew Prophets and of the Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon them all, of a world of peace and justice – and the shape of a Jewish People and Islam struggling to carry out those visions today – will be deeply compromised by injustice and violence committed in their names.

Blessed be the peacemakers. On this occasion, we affirm that our shared religious and moral values require an embrace of peace and justice, especially when our views and perspectives differ. The other alternative is oppression and conflict without end. 


To sign, please click to --


Signed (Institutions cited for identification only):

Initiators: Daisy Khan, Executive Director, Women’s Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality (WISE);  Adem Carroll, Flushing Interfaith Council, Faith Coalition Against Genocide:  Rabbi Arthur Waskow, Ph.D., Executive Director, The Shalom Center

Early Signers:

Imam Shamsi Ali,  Director, Jamaica Muslim Center, NY, and President, Nusantara Foundation USA 

Sheikh Fadel Al Sahlani, Al Khoei Foundation

Emad Al Turk,  Chairman/Co-founder, International Museum of Muslim Cultures

Rabbi Phyllis Berman, Mashpia in the ALEPH Hashpa'ah Program

Abdul Aziz Bhuiyan, Chairman, Hillside Islamic Center 

Adem Carroll, Flushing Interfaith Council, Faith Coalition Against Genocide

Robert J. De Sena, Council for Unity

Rabbi Amy Eilberg

Rabbi Michael Feinberg, Executive Directorl Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition

Rabbi Nancy Fuchs-Kreimer, Founding Director, Multifaith Studies and Initiatives,  Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

Rabbi Jonah Geffen

Sahar Hussain, Interfaith Institute of Long Island

S. Ayse Kadayifci-Orellana Ph.D., School of International Service, American University

Imam Faizul Khan, Islamic Society of Greater Washington Area

Amin Khwaja, President, Islamic Center of Long Island 

Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, Congregation Beth Simchat Torah

Khalid S. Lateef, Author, Member of the Long Island Multi-Faith Forum. 

Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor, Tikkun

Rabbi Mordechai Liebling, President Emeritus, The Shalom Center

Rabbi Ellen Lippmann

Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid, Founder, Soundvision, Muslim Network TV and Justice for All 

Ibrahim Negm, Senior advisor to the Grand Mufti of Egypt and Secretary General, Fatwa Authorities Worldwide 

Rabbi Jeffrey Roth, Executive Director, The Awakened Heart Project for Contemplative Judaism

Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi, Imam and Religious Director, The Islamic Society of Orange County, Garden Grove, California 

Dr. Gwendolyn Zoharah Simmons, Ph.D. National Council of Elders

Rabbi David Teutsch, Professor Emeritus, Reconstructionist Rabbbinical College

Rabbi Burt Visotsky (Jewish Theological Seminaryy)

Rabbi Elyse Wechterman, Executive Director,  Reconstructionist Rabbbinical Assn

Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg

Okolo Rashid, President/Co-founder, International Museum of Muslim Cultures

Hafiz Rehman, Trustee Masjid Darul Quran, Bayshore. LI 

Rabbi Simkha Weintraub, LCSW, Co-Founder, Truah: Rabbinic Call for Human Rights

Rabbi Shawn Zevit, Congregation Mishkan Shalom

Ani Zonneveld, Muslims for Progressive Value

To add your name, please click to --


 Since the Call was designed for signature by Muslims and Jews, we have provided another link for signatures by allies and supporters from other spiritual, religious, and ethical communities:


For the hundreds of additional signers as of May 20, see below


Muslim-Jewish Joint Call Signers


  1. Abdul Hai
  2. Abrar Qureshi
  3. Adab Ibrahim, Interfaith Peace Walk
  4. Adina Langer
  5. Adnan Ilyas
  6. Adria Scharf
  7. Alan Feldman Educator,
  8. Alana Horowitz Friedman
  9. Alberta Lipson, Social Action Committee member
  10. Allyssa Pulley
  11. Amer Syed, President
  12. Amy Leos-Urbel, Tikkun Olam Committee co-chair
  13. Amy Mann, P'nai Or
  14. Andra Oakes
  15. Ann Armon, Hebrew school teacher
  16. Anne Cammer Sullivan,
  17. Arlene Goldbard, Past President
  18. Aziz Nathoo, Interfaith Preacher
  19. Benita Kaimowitz
  20. Benjamin Newman
  21. Betsy Abrams
  22. Betsy Combs
  23. Betsy Krieger, Trustee
  24. Br. Basim Mahmood, Lecturer
  25. Br. Pietro Rossini
  26. Brian Gold
  27. Bruce LaForse
  28. Bruce Nygren,
  29. Bruce Phillips
  30. Burton Visotsky
  31. Cantor Abbe Lyons, Gilat Rina
  32. Cantor George Henschel, Cantor
  33. Cantor Mark Levy
  34. Cantor Ramon Tasat, Hazzan
  35. Cantor Richard Rosenfield, Board Member
  36. Cantor Yael Fischman , Artisan
  37. Carol Katz, Retired Nurse Practitioner
  38. Carole Wilder
  39. Carolyn Oppenheim
  40. Cate Cutting, Community Impact Coordinator
  41. Chai Levy, Rabbi
  42. Chaplain Mary Lahaj, Community chaplain
  43. Chaplain Rabia Harris , Director
  44. Chaplain Susie Kaufman
  45. Charles Hamlin, Low Voltage Designer
  46. Chaver Steve Weinberg, Founding Director
  47. Christopher Ladd
  48. Claire Diamond, Student
  49. Craig Oettinger, Retired sociologist
  50. Daniel Lubetzky
  51. David Hinkes
  52. David Oderberg, Board Member
  53. David Schreiber, Investment advisor representative/CFP
  54. Deborah Gerson
  55. Deborah Zubow
  56. Debra Cash
  57. Dina Hornreich
  58. dina schlossberg
  59. Donald Adams
  60. Donna Franklin
  61. Dr. Arnold Bloch
  62. Dr. Barbara Breitman, DMin. Spiritual Direction Program
  63. Dr. Beth Hirschfield, Hospice Medical Director
  64. Dr. Bruce Hirsch, Physician
  65. Dr. Carl Hammerschlag, healer
  66. Dr. Carol Greenspan
  67. Dr. Cynthia Ervin, Board Member
  68. Dr. Dale Dewar
  69. Dr. Dana Reisboard, Associate Professor
  70. Dr. Dennis Shuman, Director
  71. Dr. Donald Lively, Congregant / Retired USGovt
  72. Dr. Dris Djermoun, Executive Director
  73. Dr. Elizabeth Feldman, physician
  74. Dr. Gayle Lacks
  75. Dr. Gregg Garfin
  76. Dr. Gwendolyn Simmons, National Council of Elders
  77. Dr. Harriet Cooke, layleader
  78. Dr. Helen Tevlin. retired psychologist
  79. Dr. Jane West Walsh, EdD Independent Scholar of Inter-religious Learning
  80. Dr. Jeremy Golding
  81. Dr. John Reiman
  82. Dr. Jon Scheinman, President, Temple Israel of Greater Kansas City
  83. Dr. Judith Kerman, Professor Emerita
  84. Dr. Kevin Clark
  85. Dr. Linda Weiner
  86. Dr. Lois Rudnick, Professor Emerita of American Studies
  87. Dr. Mark Overmyer-Velazquez
  88. Dr. Megan McKenna, Theologian
  89. Dr. Meredith Barber, psychologist
  90. Dr. Mirza Baig
  91. Dr. Mohammad Bajwa, Physician
  92. Dr. N. Ordover
  93. Dr. Nadira Charaniya
  94. Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz, Co-founder, trustee
  95. Dr. Norbert A Wetzel, Psychologist
  96. Dr. Philip L Bereano, Professor Emeritus, University of Washington
  97. Dr. Reinhard Krauss, Executive Director
  98. Dr. Richard Schwartz, President Emeritus
  99. Dr. Ronnie Joy Leah, University Instructor
  100. Dr. Samuel Gladstone
  101. Dr. Sara Deen, Trustee
  102. Dr. Shahid Siddiqui, CEO
  103. Dr. Sheila H. Katz, Professor
  104. Dr. Sidra Butt
  105. Dr. Steve Newman, Associate Professor
  106. Dr. Susan Miller
  107. Dr. Syed Razvi, Former Director Religious Affairs
  108. Dr. Tobi Zausner
  109. Eileen Rodan
  110. Elena Stone
  111. Eliot Sternfeld
  112. Eliya Lavine
  113. Ellen Stromberg
  114. Ellen Bernstein, Co-Chair
  115. Eric Orlin
  116. Esther Aronsfeld, Pastoral and Care Coordinator
  117. Esther Wright, Retired Educator
  118. Evelyn Ophir
  119. Fr. Carl Chud, Interfaith Outreach Coordinator
  120. Fran Teplitz
  121. Francine Todras
  122. Friend A Slater
  123. Friend Adele Welty
  124. Friend Alistaire Moore
  125. Friend Barbara Sarah
  126. Friend Betsy Smith, Am HaYam, Cape Cod
  127. Friend Brad Schlegel
  128. Friend Carol Reiman
  129. Friend Cindy Shapiro
  130. Friend Colleen Sasges
  131. Friend Deena Metzger, Writer / Community /Elder
  132. Friend Edward Schmitt
  133. Friend Faiza S
  134. Friend Hadassah Hess
  135. Friend Joan Epstein, Jewish Community of Amherst
  136. Friend Joan L Farb
  137. Friend Joan Shapiro, retired chef
  138. Friend Jordanna Hertz, Graphic designer
  139. Friend Judy Kaye, J Street, Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom
  140. Friend Julie Sawaya
  141. Friend Khuram Abbasi
  142. Friend Laura Hegfield, Educator
  143. Friend Laura Liben, music teacher
  144. Friend Linda Preston
  145. Friend Merideth Genin
  146. Friend Nora Kancelbaum, Jewish Secular Community of Cleveland
  147. Friend Peter de Loriol, Writer
  148. Friend Roni Love
  149. Friend Shannon Rzucidlo
  150. Friend Sharon L Regan, RN (retired), Harvard Divinity School
  151. Friend Shelley Adler, Progressive Jewish Voice Harrisburg, PA
  152. Friend Stacey Meadows, Writer
  153. Friend Steven Annan
  154. Friend Susan Harris
  155. Friend Susie Davidson, Journalist
  156. Friend Teresa Hadjali
  157. Friend Wendy Curtiss
  158. Friend William Fudeman
  159. Friend Zool Zulkowitz, The Art & Politics of Justice & Joy
  160. Gabrielle Kopelman
  161. Gail Liebhaber
  162. Ghuncha Mubashir
  163. Gissa Israel, Performer
  164. Gloria Hoffman
  165. Gordon and Sue Lurie
  166. Hazan Harold Messinger, Congregation Beth Am Israel
  167. Hazan jack kessler, Director of Cantorial Program
  168. Hazan Jessi Roemer, Cantor
  169. Hazan Zann Jacobrown
  170. Helen Anbinder
  171. Helene Klodawsky, Writer/Director
  172. Hoor Wahid
  173. Humayun Kabeer, former President n BOD Member
  174. Irene Goldman, Board Chair
  175. Imam Mohamed Magid, Executive Imam, All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS Center)
  176. Jack Nathanson
  177. James Poznak
  178. James Weiner
  179. Jan Slakov, teacher
  180. Jane Andrias, consultant
  181. Janna Siller, Farm Director
  182. Javaria Masroor
  183. Jennifer Bailey
  184. Jennifer Hoffmann, Spiritual Director
  185. Jessica Levenson
  186. Jill Rabideau
  187. Jo Radner
  188. Joanie Calem, Musician
  189. Joel Cohen, Music Director Emeritus
  190. John Marquess
  191. Jordan Wolfson
  192. Joshua Markel
  193. Judith Elkin, Grief Therapist
  194. Judith Gamboa
  195. Judith Petsonk
  196. Judith Sirkis
  197. Kareema Ismail, Software developer
  198. Karen Brachman, Educator
  199. Karen Carter, CEO
  200. Karen Levine
  201. Karin Helstrom
  202. Kathie Reith
  203. Ken Giles, music teacher
  204. Kohenet Alumah Schuster, Chaplain /Kohenet
  205. Kohenet D'vorah Grenn, Educator, Emerging Mashpi'ah
  206. Kohenet Devorah Ross, Chaplain
  207. Kohenet Ellie Barbarash
  208. Kohenet Judith Hollander, Congregation Beit Simcha Torah; Hebrew Priestess Institute
  209. Kohenet Liz Caplan
  210. Kohenet Mei Mei Miriyam Sanford, Kohenet
  211. Kohenet Rachel Dale
  212. Kohenet Shoshana Bricklin, Mishkan Shalom
  213. Kohenet Yepeth Rubin, Roots and Trails
  214. Lance Laver, Mishkan Shalom
  215. Laurie Reisman, LCSW
  216. Lee Fogel, Somatic Movement Educator
  217. Leslie Schwartz Leff, Clinical Social Worker/Educator
  218. Lisa Alexander
  219. Lisa Halberstadt
  220. Lora Mallen
  221. Lori Austin, Gallery Owner
  222. Lorie Tudor
  223. Lynn Lidz
  224. M.Rajaullah Quraishi
  225. Mae Klein
  226. Majid Khalil
  227. Marcia Jaffe, founder
  228. marilyn bronstein
  229. Marilyn Chotem, Psychologist
  230. Marthanne FitzPatrick Allman
  231. Mary Fitzpatrick
  232. Marya Axner
  233. Maxine Haron
  234. Maynard Seider
  235. Me'ira Gale
  236. Megan Sims, Dance Wellness Facilitator and Joyologist
  237. Meryl Becker
  238. Michael Schwartz, Artist
  239. Michael Whitman, Recent Masters Degree Nonprofit Management
  240. Miriam Barmaimon Tomchinsky, Registered nurse
  241. Mohammed Dastigir, President
  242. Mr. Bob Chodos, Temple Shalom, Waterloo
  243. Mr. Brian Kaye
  244. Mr. Daniel Millstone
  245. Mr. David Grinstein, Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics
  246. Mr. David Posmontier, Musician
  247. Mr. David Wald
  248. Mr. Frank Kohn, Lay Cantor & Service Leader
  249. Mr. Howard Spodek, Professor of History
  250. Mr. Jay Hamburger
  251. Mr. Jerome Wald, Advocacy Coordinator
  252. Mr. Joseph Magid
  253. Mr. Martin Gross
  254. Mr. Michael Friedman, Chochmat Halev
  255. Mr. Paul Loeb
  256. Mr. Shel Horowitz
  257. Mr. Sidney Hollander
  258. Mrs. Barbara Hemmendinger
  259. Mrs. Louise Quigley
  260. Mrs. Marian Demcisak
  261. Mrs. Noa Baum, Author and storyteller
  262. Mrs. Sally Wagner, Retired Teacher
  263. Ms. Anndee Hochman
  264. Ms. Bernice Lieberman, Sinai Temple Champaign IL
  265. Ms. Carol Tova Newman
  266. Ms. Chaia Lehrer, Woodstock Jewish Congregation
  267. Ms. Claire Hertz
  268. Ms. Deborah Denenfeld
  269. Ms. Deborah Roher, Tifereth Israel Congregation, New Bedford MA
  270. Ms. Diana Levy, Congregation Tikkun v'Or
  271. Ms. Donna Jaffe Fishbein
  272. Ms. Donna Malamud
  273. Ms. Eileen B. Weiss, Managing Director
  274. Ms. Emunah Herzog, Registered nurse
  275. Ms. Felicia Mednick
  276. Ms. Hilda Welch, Facilitator, Tikkun Olam Committee
  277. Ms. Joan Robins
  278. Ms. Joyce Bressler, JVP Havurah Network
  279. Ms. Judith Glass, J Street
  280. Ms. Julie Greenfield, Eden Area Interfaith Council
  281. Ms. Letty Cottin Pogrebin, writer & activist
  282. Ms. Linda Kram
  283. Ms. Lynn Feinerman, Media Producer/Writer
  284. Ms. Lynn Rosen, HaMakom, Santa Fe NM
  285. Ms. Lynna Schaefer, Spiritual Director, Albany, NY
  286. Ms. Madeline Hirschland, executive director
  287. Ms. Margaret Lenzi, Mishkan Shalom
  288. Ms. Margery Lazar
  289. Ms. Maureen Beezhold, Beit Am Jewish Community
  290. Ms. Raechel Bratnick, Spiritual psychotherapist
  291. Ms. Rivko Knox
  292. Ms. Rozann Kraus, spiritual leader
  293. Ms. Sabena Stark, Temple Beth Israel
  294. Ms. Sari Sapon-White, B'nai Mitzvah tutor
  295. Ms. Susan Griss, Mid-Hudson Jews for Racial Justice
  296. Ms. Susan Robyn, Temple B'rith Shalom
  297. Ms. Tobie Hoffman, Pnai Or
  298. Myra Diaz
  299. Myra Miller
  300. Naomi Less, Ritual Leader,Lab/Shul
  301. Natalie Rosen, political opinion writer
  302. Nathalie Borozny
  303. Naveh Barlowe, Program Coordinator
  304. Neil Beresin
  305. Noah Slovin
  306. Norman Honig
  307. Pastor Frederick Trost
  308. Patricia Boynton
  309. Patricia Coyne Planner
  310. Patricia Sampson
  311. Patrick Weiss
  312. Patti Jacobson
  313. Pedro Escobar, Teacher
  314. Peter Goldsmith
  315. Phil Goldsmith
  316. Philip Zylberberg, retired lawyer
  317. Professor Alicia Ostriker, poet
  318. Professor Ben Manski ,Department of Sociology and Anthropology
  319. Professor Berenice Fisher, Professor Emerita
  320. Professor Bernard Horn, Professor Emeritus
  321. Professor Bruce Solomon, Emeritus
  322. Professor carole Edelsky, Professor Emerita
  323. Professor Daniel Schwartz, Prof. (Ret) Sociology & Anthropology
  324. Professor Darlene Furdock
  325. Professor David Reisman, Professor
  326. Professor Lisa Sokolov, Professor
  327. Professor Mohammad I۔ Uddin
  328. Professor Ori Z Soltes, Teaching Professor
  329. Professor Paul Monsky, Professor(Emeritus)
  330. Professor Sara Laimon
  331. Professor Ted Johnstone, Retired Professor
  332. Rabbi Aaron Rosenberg, Rabbi Emeritus
  333. Rabbi Abby Michaleski, Co-founder/Director
  334. Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie, Founding Spiritual Leader
  335. Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie, Lab/Shul
  336. Rabbi Amy Eilberg, Pardes Rodef Shalom Communities Program
  337. Rabbi Anna Maranta haKohenet, Hebrew Priestess
  338. Rabbi Ariel Walsh
  339. Rabbi Arthur Bielfeld, Rabbi Emeritus (Canada Medal)
  340. Rabbi Barat Ellman, Brooklyn,NY activist
  341. Rabbi Benjamin Barnett
  342. Rabbi Beth Janus
  343. Rabbi Bob Gluck, Professor
  344. Rabbi Brian Field, Senior Rabbi
  345. Rabbi Burt Jacobson, Founding Rabbi
  346. Rabbi Daniel Isaak, Rabbi Emeritus
  347. Rabbi Darby Leigh
  348. Rabbi David Curiel, Co-founder and Spiritual Director
  349. Rabbi Debora Gordon
  350. Rabbi Deborah Bronstein, Retired Rabbi
  351. Rabbi Debra E Goldstein
  352. Rabbi Dev Noily, Senior Rabbi, Kehilla Community Synagogue, Oakland, CA / Huchiun
  353. Rabbi Devorah Jacobson, Director of Spiritual Life/Chaplain
  354. Rabbi Diana Miller, Kehilat HaNahar
  355. Rabbi Doug Alpert
  356. Rabbi Dr. Andrew Vogel Ettin, Spiritual Leader
  357. Rabbi Dr. Ann Landowne
  358. Rabbi Dr. Arthur Segal, Rabbi Emeritus
  359. Rabbi Dr. Doris Dyen, Makom HaLev
  360. Rabbi Dr. Elisheva Salamo
  361. Rabbi Dr. Haim Beliak
  362. Rabbi Dr. Ilene Serlin, Psychologist
  363. Rabbi Dr. Jeff Foust, Jewish Chaplain
  364. Rabbi Dr. Jeffrey Schein, Senior consultant for Jewish Education Mordechai M Kaplan Center
  365. for Jewish Peoplehood
  366. Rabbi Dr. Leila Gal Berner, Dean of Students
  367. Rabbi Dr. Lisa Grant
  368. Rabbi Dr. Lori Shaller Rabbi, Spiritual Director, Chaplain
  369. Rabbi Dr. Louis Sutker, Or Shalom
  370. Rabbi Dr. Michael Feinberg, Executive Director
  371. Rabbi Dr. Philip Bentley, Honorary President
  372. Rabbi Dr. Reuven Firestone, Professor
  373. Rabbi Dr. Shaya Isenberg, Aleph
  374. Rabbi Dr. Shifra Freewoman
  375. Rabbi Dr. Sue Levi Elwell, Spiritual Director
  376. Rabbi Ellen Lippmann, Kolot Chayeinu/Voices of Our Lives
  377. Rabbi Elyse Wechterman, Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association
  378. Rabbi Emma Kippley-Ogman , Associate Chaplain for Jewish Life
  379. Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb
  380. Rabbi Gary Schoenberg, Director of Development
  381. Rabbi Gerald Serotta
  382. Rabbi Gila Ruskin, Midrash mosaicist
  383. Rabbi Gordon Gladstone
  384. Rabbi Hannah Orden
  385. Rabbi Howard Avruhm Addison, Director, Jewish Spirituality Doctoral Programs
  386. Rabbi Howard Cohen, Congregation Shirat Hayam
  387. Rabbi Howie Schneider, Jewish Learning Center
  388. Rabbi Ilan Glazer, Rabbi and Recovery Coach
  389. Rabbi Janie Hodgetts, Chaplain
  390. Rabbi Jeffrey Marker, chaplain
  391. Rabbi Jonah Geffen, Congregation Shaare Zedek
  392. Rabbi Josh Jacobs-Velde
  393. Rabbi Joshua Lesser, Senior Rabbi at Congregation Bet Haverim
  394. Rabbi Judith Kummer
  395. Rabbi karen landy
  396. Rabbi Katy Allen
  397. Rabbi Ken Rosenstein, Rabbinic Student, Aleph
  398. Rabbi Laura Owens
  399. Rabbi Laurence Edwards, Rabbi Emeritus
  400. Rabbi Malka Drucker, Rabbi Emerita
  401. Rabbi Malka Packer-Monroe, director
  402. Rabbi Margot Stein, MFT
  403. Rabbi Marisa James, Director of Social Justice Programming
  404. Rabbi Mark Novak
  405. Rabbi Meryl Crean, Chaplain
  406. Rabbi Naomi Goldman
  407. Rabbi Naomi Steinberg
  408. Rabbi Ora Weiss
  409. Rabbi Pamela Wax, Spiritual Care Coordinator
  410. Rabbi Patti Haskell
  411. Rabbi Rabbi Gershon Steinberg Caudill
  412. Rabbi Rena Blumenthal
  413. Rabbi Rhonda Shapiro-Rieser
  414. Rabbi Riqi Kosovske
  415. Rabbi Robert Rottenberg, President
  416. Rabbi Robert Tabak Editor, RRA Connection newsletter
  417. Rabbi Robin Podolsky
  418. Rabbi Seth Wax, Congregation Mount Sinai
  419. Rabbi Shai Gluskin
  420. Rabbi Shalom Schachter, Retired founding Vice President
  421. Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, Congregation Beit Simchat Torah
  422. Rabbi Shifrah Tobacman, Kehilla Synagogue
  423. Rabbi Stephen Booth-Nadav, Wisdom House Denver
  424. Rabbi Steven Jacobs
  425. Rabbi suri krieger, Spiritual leader, B'nai Or Boston
  426. Rabbi Susan Falk, Brooklyn, NY
  427. Rabbi Suzanne Singer
  428. Rabbi Tamara Cohen, Moving Traditions, VP of Program Strategy
  429. Rabbi Ted Falcon, Paths to Awakening
  430. Rabbi Tirza Covel
  431. Rabbi Toba Spitzer, Congregation Dorshei Tzedek
  432. Rabbi Victor Reinstein, Nehar Shalom Community Synagogue, Rabbi
  433. Rabbi Yeshaia Charles Familant
  434. Rabbi Yitzhak Husbands-Hankin, Rabbi Emeritus
  435. Rabbinic Pastor Andrew Gold, Aleph
  436. Rabbinic Pastor Eve Ilsen, Counsellor-at-large; writer
  437. Rabbinic Pastor Michael Henry, Pastor
  438. Rabbinic Pastor Tivona Reith, Director of Studies
  439. Rachamana Rivqa, m'shamshaneetha of circle to study yeshua's jewishness via aramaic
  440. P'shitta
  441. Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez
  442. Rebecca Woolis
  443. Rebekka Gold
  444. Renee Robbins, Pianist
  445. Rev. Bahira Sugarman, P'nai Or
  446. Rev. Christine Morgan, retired hospice chaplain
  447. Rev. David O'Leary, Pastor
  448. Rev. Dennis Wansitler, Pastor
  449. Rev. Dr. J Anthony Lloyd, Pastor
  450. Rev. Dr. Jerry Folk, Former Executive Director Wisconsin Council of Churches
  451. Rev. Dr. Margaret Benefiel, Executive Director
  452. Rev. Dr. Ralph Moore Priest
  453. Rev. Dr. Robin Olson Director, Spiritual Life Bentley University
  454. Rev. Gregory Morisse, Senior Pastor
  455. Rev. Mark Chaffin, Interfaith Chaplain
  456. Rev. Natalie Shiras
  457. Rev. Nicholas Eltgroth
  458. Rev. Seth Wilpan
  459. Rev. Tom O'Brien, Pastor
  460. Rev. Walter Ramsey, Deacon
  461. Richard Lindo
  462. Robert Jaffe
  463. Roberta Issler
  464. Ruth Barham
  465. Sadia Shah, Co-leader, SOSS
  466. Safura Hussain
  467. Sal Banday
  468. Sammie Moshenberg
  469. Sara Jamal
  470. Sara Lamnin, City Council Member
  471. Sara Rotger
  472. Sara Weinberger
  473. Seema Sked
  474. Seminary Student Cat Zavis, Exec. Director, Network of Spiritual Progressives
  475. Seminary Student Phyllis Levy
  476. Shabnam Quraishi, Ex Sunday School teacher,
  477. Shaheen Akhtar, Interfaith Liaison for Muslim Community
  478. Shana Winokur
  479. Sharon Furlong
  480. Sheikh Haji Syed Salman Chishty al Hussaini, Chairman
  481. Sheikh Mirza Yawar Baig, Resident Scholar
  482. Sheila Carrillo
  483. Shel Horowitz, co-founder
  484. Shira Kline, Director of Worship, Ritual Artist
  485. Sondra Hersh
  486. Sonia Zylberberg
  487. Spiritual Director Audrey Seidman, Outreach Chaplain, Jewish Federation NENY
  488. Spiritual Director Elizabeth Cohen, Mashpi'ah Ruhanit/ Spiritual Companion
  489. Spiritual Director Julie Leavitt ,Spiritual Companion
  490. Spiritual Director Laurie Sanford, Psychologist
  491. Spiritual Director Sarah Cohen, Faculty
  492. Spiritual Director Shonna Husbands-Hankin, Artist
  493. Sr. Aliya Farooq
  494. Sr. Evelyn Dw
  495. Sr. Judith Lelchook-Lohman, Social work supervisor
  496. Sr. Roberta Brich
  497. Sr. Sadia Hasan
  498. Sr. Sister bertke
  499. Stanley Shapiro
  500. Stephen Aberle
  501. Steve Cickay
  502. Steve Garone
  503. Steve Masters President, JustLaws
  504. Susan Sklar
  505. Suzanne Weisfield
  506. Sydell Ruth Schulman, Associate Dean Emerita
  507. Taigen Dan Leighton
  508. Ted Glick
  509. Tom McCloskey, Adjunct, PHIL and Religion
  510. Vanessa Henning, Psychotherapist
  511. Vitalah Simon
  512. Warren Chamberlain
  513. Yael Bat-Shimon
  514. Yasmin Akbarali







Adria Scharf








Barbara Nash

bernadette Skuse

Bill Hooson




Candace Miller

Carol Bahmueller

Carol Gonzalez









David H. Finke



Deborah Gerson


Diane Tepfer

Donna Franklin

Dr. Ann Marie Bahr


Dr. Connie Stowe

Dr. Kathy Burke





Eileen Purcell




Fr. Michael Wallens

Fran Hazam



Friend Ray Torres





Ian Mevorach




John Falchi


Kathleen Murphy

Kathy Stackhouse




Linda Toia




M J Rosenberg

M.Rajaullah Quraishi


Mansfield Kaseman

Margaret Nuccio

Marilyn Berzan-Montblanch





Monica Kennedy

Monica Raymond

Mr. Karl Olsen

Mr. Michelle Dugan

Mr. Robert Sims

Mr. Robin Cook


Mr. Steve & Christine Clemens

Mr. Vic Compher

Mr. Wayez Ahmad


Mrs. Dorothy Brockway

Mrs. Kathryn Stone

Ms. Anne Mulderry

Ms. Carla De Sola Eaton

Ms. Connie Tyler

Ms. Donna Malamud

Ms. Julie Greenfield

Ms. Lisbeth Applefield

Ms. Mary Danhauer

Ms. Penny Cragun


Nancy Mahoney



Patricia Coyne

Patricia O’Reilly





Rabbi Barat Ellman

Rachael Wooten




Rev. Dr. Gordon Gibson

Rev. Dr. John Elder

Rev. Dr. John Fife

Rev. Dr. Terry Ellen

Rev. Robert Moore


Robert Smith







Shahrukh Kureishy

Sharon Furlong


Sheila  Oliver



Sr. Jeanie Hagedorn

Sr. Sister bertke


Susan Rhodewalt

Susanne Jackson



Ven. Tenzin Pelyang


Yvonne Collinson


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 Since the Call was designed for signature by Muslims and Jews, we have provided another link for signatures by allies and witnesses from other spiritual, religious, and ethical communities:




May our efforts bear fruit in the world of the Spirit and in the world of actuality as well


Oseh shalom bimromav hu yaaseh/ hi taaseh shalom alenu, v'al kol Yisrael, v'al kol Yishmael, v'al kol youshvei tevel.


May You Who makes harmony in the ultimate reaches of the universe, teach us to make peace within ourselves, among ourselves, among all the children of Israel, among all the children of Ishmael, and among all who dwell upon this planet.


--  Arthur Waskow, Executive Director

-- Naveh Barlowe, Program Coordinator


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