A Multi-Religious Call to Fast for Peace


TO REFLECT, TO SEEK A TRUER PEACE, TO PRAYIn the name of the God of compassion, Who commands us to seek peace and justice — In times of profound spiritual crisis, our traditions teach us to fast. Whether it is Jews on Yom Kippur, Christians during Lent, or Muslims during Ramadan — we turn away from filling our bellies to opening our hearts.

We are in spiritual crisis now, and we call all Americans to address this crisis through a fast that opens our hearts to compassion, our minds to wisdom, and our hands to acts of peace.

God calls on us all to seek peace and pursue it.

Yet with deep concern we see the danger that neither the government of Iraq nor the government of the United States is taking this calling as its primary goal.

We see that Iraq may have been secreting weapons of mass destruction despite express decisions of the Security Council, and call upon it to fulfill its promise of open inspections.

And we see that our own government seems ready to ignore our sacred obligations under the United Nations Charter, to abandon deterrence in favor of preventive war, and to use "conventional" weapons that bring on massive destruction, instead of pursuing peace through negotiations and inspections as the first steps in weaving a much stronger fabric of international law and planetary community.

God calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves, to love the stranger and the foreigner, to do nothing to others that would be hateful to ourselves.

This we know is not only an ethical obligation but a political truth: The way in which we love or hate our neighbors is the way in which they will respond to us. If we treat our neighbors with contempt and hatred, we will reap their rage and hatred in return.

Yet we see that our government is preparing to sacrifice God's compassion and community on the altar of war — and may win not wealth, not security, not power, but only danger, debilitation, and death.

God calls us to feed the hungry, house the homeless, clothe the naked, heal the earth, free the mind and spirit.

Yet with deep concern, we fear that to seek a false security, our government may turn away from these tasks at home and overseas, and pour our resources into death and destruction when the path of life and peace may yet be possible.

God calls us to reflect — to think, to feel, and to pray before we act.

Yet we see that with no evidence of any imminent and urgent danger, our government is rushing into a war that threatens to bring death to many families --"our own" as well as those who live in another country. A war that may engulf in rage and destruction an entire region of the world, one that all our traditions hold especially dear.

At this moment of great danger, we turn toward God, Whose wisdom calls us not to old habits, not to wider destruction, but to fuller creativity.

For Muslims, the month of Ramadan is here with its daytime fasting, reflection, and self-transformation, dedicated to the glory of God. This year, the Muslims among us will especially dedicate their fast to one of the Attributes/Names of God, one dearly sought by the Muslim spiritual seeker: Salaam (Peace).

The Jews among us will call their communities to a Ta'anit Tzibur al HaTzarah — a traditional practice of communal fasting to avert a calamity — to implore God's compassion and turn human concerns toward the Spirit. Especially suited days are Yom Kippur Katan Tevet on December 5, the traditional daytime fast of Asara B'Tevet on December 15 (when the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem began 2500 years ago, initiating a disastrous war) or other days chosen by the community.

For Christians, the time of Advent is approaching, traditionally a season of inner and outer preparation to welcome the birth of the Prince of Peace. For some, it has been, and for the Christians among us, it will be a time to fast, making room in busy lives and overly-full selves for the incarnation of God's love. Some have decided to fast on the three Fridays of Advent.

We invite all Americans to join in turning toward our holiest wisdom. For the jagged rhythms of our history now call us all toward a time of fasting and reflection even if our ordinary calendars do not.

We call upon us all to make this fasting a time to share our bread with the hungry, to study more deeply the consequences of war overseas and at home, to actively seek the fullness of peace, to gather with others of different religious communities, and to open our hearts to our God of compassion, community, and peace.


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Organizations listed for identification only.

The Call was initiated by The Shalom Center. Resources on The Shalom Center Website — www.theshalomcenter.org — include:

  • The Multireligious Call to a Fast for Peace with the list of 100+ signers
  • A Liturgy to use or draw on for calling or holding the fast
  • Suggestions for action and study
  • Information about Iraqi-US relations, etc.

Isaiah (Chapter 58) calls us to let our fasting inspire us to ease the suffering of the hungry, the homeless, those in prison. In that spirit, we might choose to —

  • Refrain from food from dawn until dusk
  • Give the cost of uneaten food to feed & empower the hungry in US or overseas
  • Fast from gasoline for one day per week or per month
  • Hold congregational teach-in on Iraq, oil, and war
  • Write letters to the editor together as part of the fast
  • Arrange visits with other congregations to fast together

Let us know you are participating! Email shalomctr@aol.com


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