Major Resources for Tu B'Shvat

1. TREES, EARTH, & TORAH: A TU B'SHVAT ANTHOLOGY (Jewish Publication Society; edited by Ari elon, Naomi Mara Hyman, & Arthur Waskow) is the fullest collection of the whole range of material that bears on Tu B'Shvat.

It begins with from almost all the passages on trees in the Hebrew Bible and then includes —
the Talmud's discussion of tithing on trees,

an extraordinary medieval Amidah for Tu B'shvat devoted entirely to the life of trees,

the only English translation of P'ri Eytz Hadar (the first Tu B'Shvat Seder, from the Kabbalists of Safed),

the Zionist movement's tree-planting and its political and environmental effects,

and the emergence of eco-Jewish Tu B'Shvat in the past generation.

The volume includes Ellen Bernstein's model Seder, rich material for children, a meditation on "Yah B'Shvat" by Ari Elon, an exploration of the midwinter festivals of other traditions, poetry by Zelda, Marge Piercy, and Marcia Falk, an essay by Arthur Waskow on the history of Tu B'Shvat and how we can draw meaning from its changing form, and much more.

2. A Tu BeShvat Seder: the Feast of Fruits from the Tree of Life — $10

Booklet, formatted as a seder with recitations and explanations, by Yithak Buxbaum.

3. A Person is Like a Tree: A Sourcebook for Tu BeShvat — $25

Hardcover book

To order these last two, send a check to Yitzhak Buxbaum 189 Atlantic Ave., #2D, Brooklyn, NY 11201 For a booklet add $2.50 for S & H. For a book or a book and booklet, add $5.

Broader resources on Eco-Judaism:

4. TORAH OF THE EARTH (Jewish Lights; 2 vols.; edited by Arthur Waskow) brings together texts, historical essays, and rabbinic, Hassidic, and contemporary commentary from the Bible to the present on Jewish attitudes and actions toward the earth.

5. Ellen Bernstein, ed., Ecology and the Jewish Spirit (Jewish Lights) is a valuable collection of contemporary essays on eco-Jewish experience.

6. A new anthology, "Judaism and Ecology," has recently been published by Harvard University Press. We have not yet received a review copy, and are unable to report on it.

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