Justice, Shabbat, & the Poor Peoples Campaign

Dear friends,

This comng Shabbat in Washington DC,  the Poor Peoples Campaign will challenge the racism, bigotry, militarism, greed, and economic injustice that have been turned into official policy by the present government of the United States. These atrocious policies are capped by the cruelty of tearing families apart, traumatizing both children and parents, bringing shame and dishonor on the American people.

The Shalom Center,  along with other Jewish organizations, decded that holding a Shabbat morning service at the scene would be the best way of both affirming the Holiness of Shabbat and affirming the Holiness of eco-social justice. The Shalom Center is a National Partner of the Poor People's Camoaign and will have a role in the Shabbat morning service that will be held under the auspices of the Religious Action  Center of Reform Judaism. We hope to see many of you there.

Shalom, salaam, paz, peace --  Arthur


We have been working for months in support of the Poor Peoples Campaign, investing a great deal of effort, time, and money in helping make it successful. We need your help to do this work. Please contribute by clicking on the maroon "Support" banner just below.

Thanks and blessings of shalom,salaam, paz, peace --  Arthur

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