Join Life-Conversations with my book: Dancing in God’s Earthquake

In my next-to-last letter to you, I mentioned that my book Dancing in God’s Earthquake: The Coming Transformation of Religion will be published in October. A number of you wrote asking for more information and how to order the book. I am glad to invite you to a special virtual gathering with me, before publication. Here is the way it will work:

I will meet with you and other clergy and spiritual leaders for a series of three sessions from 7 to 8:30 pm Eastern US time, on Tuesday evenings, August 11, 18, and 25. For each session, I will send you ahead of time one chapter of the book. For each session, we will discuss that chapter. When the book is published in October, I will send you a free copy, personally inscribed to you from me.

The cost of the series will be $72. To register, please click to ex ex ex ex

I am sharing with you the endorsements of the book that will be published on the back cover.

A wonderful book! Before the hierarchies and divisions of religions, there was the all-inclusive circle of spirituality. In Dancing in God’s Earthquake, Rabbi Arthur Waskow helps us trace our path back to our spiritual home.” –Gloria Steinem

“Rabbi Waskow calls each of us to reach down deep in our moral and religious traditions and have a grownup conversation about the response our present crisis requires. I'm glad to lift up this invitation for all to join the divine dance of love and justice.” –William J. Barber, II, President of Repairers of the Breach and Co-Chair of the Poor People's Campaign

Like poetry on a cold day, this book warms the heart and mind both. A fierce look at religion, a willingness to question history, to see the connections between the world’s faiths, to suggest how we might move forward from today’s hard times.”—Ruth Messinger, American Jewish World Service

“We are in a moment of great crises and gathering travail, and so one thing we need to learn is how to steadily, joyfully, determinedly pass through these trials, not just intact, but in love with the world around us. There could be no better guide than Arthur Waskow.”—Bill McKibben, author, Falter: Has the Human Game Begun to Play Itself Out

“This is a delightful and refreshing book, full of wit, wisdom, and hope--all of which we so desperately need amid the perpetual upheaval and crisis of the world today. I'm deeply thankful for both Arthur and this book.”—Jim Wallis, Founder and President of Sojourners

There are also a number that will be published inside, because they didn’t fit on the back cover. I will send you the endorsements of these others later, but I can tell you now that they include Rabbis Art Green, Jonah Pesner, and Jill Hammer; Marge Piercy; and other notables from the Christian and Muslim worlds. And I can tell you that these endorsements follow from people having insisted on reading the entire book before they wrote their comments.

  I look forward to having a conversation with you about the book. and with the book about our lives. -- I see the book as a harvest of my whole life experience in religious commitment, spiritual delight, and social transformation. Many people look on a “harvest” as a product of past sowing and growing. But I see this book as what a harvest is really supposed to be – food for the future

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