Horror in New Zealand: What We Can Do

I woke up this morning, looked for the news on my computer, and am transfixed and horrified by the news of the murder in New Zealand of at least 49 Muslims who were at prayer for Jumaa, the Friday communal service, by a self-described fascist whose heroes include Donald Trump and a number of other white nationalists.

What can we do?

First:  You may recall that last week I mentioned the Fast of Esther, which this year comes on Wednesday March 20, from sunrise to sunset the day before Purim. This year, Purim is the 25th anniversary of the Purim massacre by "Baruch"/ Aror Goldstein who murdered 29 Muslims who were prostrate in prayer at the Tomb of Abraham in Hebron.   I said that I would be fasting in sorrowful memory.

The Shalom Center suggests that we undertake a national fast day from dawn to dusk on March 20, the Fast of Esther, dedicated to ending Islamophobia and reaffirming our kinship with Islam.

AND  – That Jews & Christians gather at local mosques if possible this afternoon, today, at Jumaa time (about 1:30 pm) and then with more time for organizing next Friday, a week from today, in solidarity and protection. 

AND --  We are setting up an emergency fund for assistance to the people of the two mosques in New Zealand. To contrbute to that fund, please click to the maroon "Contribute" bar on the left-hand margin, AND BE SURE TO WRITE "NZ MOSQUES" IN THE "HONOR OF" SPACE.

Thanks.  Shalom, salaam--  Arthur

There may be other actions we could take. Please let me know your thoughts.

Shalom, salaam --  Arthur


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