Flu Shots & Loving Songs NOW for Kids in Cages

Holy-Day Love Songs for Children in "Detention" Cages

[Dear friends of all communities of love and Spirit, Hanukkah and Christmas are approaching.  Both holy times beckon us to Light and Love.  In "detention centers" that are really becoming concentration camps of illness and trauma, refugee and immigrant children are suffering -- especially now, when in addition to cold and crowding the US Government is adding refusals to inoculate kids against flu. Already some have died, and more will as winter and crowding produce epidemics.

[In Philadelphia this week, Elder Witness and Friends are singing songs of new words to melodies of these holy times, at City Hall Park from noon till 1 pm on Thursday, December 19. You are welcome to join them! The Shalom Center is sharing with you two songs written in this mode by Rabbi Phyllis Berman.

[We encourage you to visit or call your Senators and Congressperson to demand that they force the Trump Administration to inoculate all these prisoners, children and adults alike,  against flu, NOW. If you can, bring your friends and sing them these songs on the phone or in their offices--  AW, editor]

[Tune to "Silent Night," words by Rabbi Phyllis Berman:]

Unquiet night, nothing is bright --
Children crying, children dying.
No flu shots in a too-crowded space
Frigid cold in a prison-like place
How can grown-ups still ignore
Human needs at their core?

Unquiet night, nothing is bright
Not enough blankets, not enough beds
No toothbrushes or showers with soap
Dismal conditions to cause loss of hope
How can our government still ignore
Human needs at their core?

Unquiet night, nothing is bright
Future dreams have no light.
Immigrants come here for safety,
In common with all humanity
These are children much like yours --
Greet them with wide open doors!

[Tune to the Hanukkah song "Maoz Tzur" and "Rock of Ages"; words by Rabbi Phyllis Berman:]

All our children need vaccines
Without flu shots they suffer
Diseases spread like wildfire
Contaminating each other.

CHORUS: We who once were strangers
                  Must welcome those in danger
                  With medicine, clean clothes, and food
                  And loving care to brighten their mood.
                  Medicine, clean clothes, and food
                  And loving care to brighten their mood.

Separating parents from kids
Is cruel and traumatic for them all
Leaving home is hard enough;
Why would we want to build a wall?

CHORUS (same as above)

Detention is no place for kids
Withholding books and toys and care;
Frightened with or without their folks --
Harsh responses cause despair.

CHORUS (same as above)

[In addition, The Shalom Center has been providing day-by-day resources for the Eight Days of Hanukkah, to draw on the spirit of conserving energy as in the remarkable story of how one day's sacred oil met eight days' sacred needs. Our suggestions move from transforming our households to our communities to our country   -- at each level, how to turn away from destructive addiction to Carbon and fossil fuels, turning instead to the energy of sun and wind. See articles on our Home Page at https://theshalomcenter.org] --  AW,  ed.]


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