"Falluja is the Birthplace of the Talmud" (Falluja/ Pumbeditha/ CodePink)

Rabbi Arthur Waskow, 12/1/2004

1. Fallujah in World History
2.CODEPINK (a women's antiwar group) action alert !

1. Fred Astren, professor of Jewish studies at San Francisco State Univ, writes on the Jewish-studies listserve ---

While recently reviewing lecture notes on early medieval messianism, I
realized that Falluja is Pumbeditha (re: the messiah of Pallughta).
My own thoughts, responding to this information:

Pumbeditha, one of the great centers of Jewish learning 1800 years ago in "Babylonia," one of the centers where Talmud Bavli and Rabbinic Judaism were shaped. Where great teachers and great students wove words into a civilization.

Falluja, the city of 300,000 people just bombed into oblivion by the US military in a war created and continued by lies. Words woven into bloodshed and destruction.

"Love your neighbor as yourself." For your neighbor IS yourself. If we forget thee, Pumbeditha, the right arms of our young men will wither into shreds and stumps of flesh.

God help us, God help us, God help us.

---- Arthur


Today, as CODEPINK was busily preparing a year-end humanitarian mission to Iraq, we received an urgent message. It was from our dear friend Dahr Jamail, an amazing American independent journalist who has been risking his life to get the true story of Fallujah to the American public:

"I have just come from a refugee camp in Baghdad with families from Fallujah. The suffering is beyond description. It's worse than anything you've read or anything I've written so far.

This is a humanitarian crisis. They need medicines for their camp and the other camps immediately. We have an organization set up of doctors who can distribute the medicines and supplies. BUT WE NEED THEM NOW! THIS CANNOT WAIT!"

We MUST show the Iraqis and the world community that there are indeed kind, compassionate Americans who are appalled by the
immoral behavior of our government and want to help - not kill - the Iraqi people.

PLEASE HELP US GET MEDICAL AID TO THE PEOPLE OF FALLUJAH. We will send it immediately to a team of doctors who are anxiously awaiting our response.

DONATE NOW securely. Please visit: http://www, codepink4peace.org

Here are three links to update you on the current

Dahr Jamail reports on the assault on Fallujah and mounting casualties.

Children Pay Cost of Iraq's Chaos — Malnutrition Nearly Double What It Was
Before Invasion

Humanitarian Crisis in Iraq

Photographs of Fallujah under siege (Graphic)

Thank you for helping the people of Iraq.