Electing Our Leaders Today: The Torah of our Choosing

You may set, yes, set over you some to hold office
Who are aware that the Breath of Life is
Uniting all, breathing into life all God’s Crea
You may not give power to those so ali
As not to feel that you are kin t

Indeed! --  the officials whom y
ou choose
must not multiply the horses of
a cavalry,
a standing army to invade other nations and oppre
ss your own;

Your choice must not retur
n the people
to living in a Tight and Narrow Place – th
at’s slavery!
For the Breath of Life ha
s said to you:
You must not return you
rself or others
to ignorance, to poverty, to subservienc
e, or despair-
all slavery!

The ones you choose must not become addicted to
sexual obsessions,
Or to taking bribes or fav
ors from the wealthy
For in these ways their hearts
will be turned aside
wisdom and compassion.
But it shall be when they sit in the h
alls and seats of power,
They are to clarify their understand
ing of Most Sacred Wisdom
And face the caring
public; share their vision
ways that could with honor
face the wis
dom of our wisest forebears,
prophets and holy teachers,
andso be worthy of our trust.

  Their un
derstanding of the Sacred Wisdom
is to remain beside them,
to read it and
rewrite it as each day, each dawn,
Brings new knowle
dge and new insight to our lives --
To make ce
rtain that the rulers whom we choose
Will remain s
teadfast in knowing that all Creation
, demands, our wonder and our healing,
so that their hearts not
rise in arrogance above their kinfo
all Earth and all her life-forms –
that they
t turn-aside from what connects us all.

Only in this way can we prolong our days
among all peoples
, all life-forms --
we and all our children!

[A midrashic interpretation of Deuteronomy 17: 14-20]



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