2 More Days of 2018: Sunday potatoes; Monday potatoes; Tuesday a pot full potatoes --

One of the wonderful aspects of Eastern European Yiddish culture was turning poverty into laughter. There was a Yiddish song that began “Sontik bulbas, Montik bulbas ----  that is, “Sunday potatoes, Monday potatoes --” about eating potatoes for a whole week. The content might have seemed sad, but the song was funny.

So  I’m saying --  these last few days of 2018, many of you have given us a much better end-of-the-year meal than just potatoes.

But it’s still true that many of our readers write us how much they enjoy this mailing or that, or how they appreciated a new idea even if they’re not sure they agree, or how moved they were by one of us getting arrested for the sake of decency and life –-

But then don’t send the contribution that will make it possible for us to keep on doing what they like.

For those who made helpful contributions in the last few weeks as the year waned, many thanks!  For those who have not, we plead with you to help make it possible,  through yourr tax-deductible contributions, to keep on with our healing work.

Coming up: the story of how a Brooklyn synagogue became the first in the US to move its money from a bank that was lending it to the Corporate Carbon Pharaohs to burn up the world, into a community bank that meets community needs;

Coming up: a rabbi’s thoughts about how rabbis can deal with “intergenerational trauma” among Jews – and others.

Coming up: a report on how Washington DC became the hot center for neighborhood solar co-ops to help cool the planet, and how to bring other communities along.

Coming up: Webinars on how to shape Tu B’Shvat and Passover into moments to heal our wounded Mother Earth.

Coming up: Growing the movement for a Green New Deal.

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Thanks! And blessings to you and all of us that 2019 be a year of more joy, more justice. --  Arthur